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Free From Smoking - Hypnosis

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This FREE hypnosis session can help you quit smoking forever.
*To celebrate over 1000 downloads, half of the money from all donations will be given to Cancer Research charity - www.CancerResearchUK.org (email me if you donate and would like proof)*
Until now this hypnosis session was sold online for $19.95 with a full money-back guarantee. It worked so well that not a single person requested their money back.
With the aim of helping more people kick the habit and stop smoking, it is now available for free via this app. If it works for you, you're welcome to make a donation to support the work creating it - but that's entirely optional. Good feedback and recommendations to your family, friends and colleagues are appreciated too.
The app simply plays you the quit smoking hypnosis session - which you can listen to as many times as you want. However, it also links through to a website where you can:
+ find out if you're ready to quit
+ check that this programme will work for you
+ read tips to help you quit smoking
+ understand how hypnosis works
+ see why hypnosis is so effective in quitting smoking
+ read about the professional, experienced therapist that recorded this session
+ learn the health benefits of stopping smoking
+ read the full terms and conditions of use
Good luck in your journey to become more healthy. The app is free so give it a try - and if now isn't the right time for you, download it anyway to use when you're ready.
Please note that OnlineBusinessConsultant.co.uk is responsible for the technological creation of the app and website. The hypnosis programme was created by a qualified professional and use is subject to the terms and conditions on the programme website.
*为了庆祝1000下载,一半的钱从所有捐款将给予癌症研究慈善机构 - www.CancerResearchUK.org(如果你捐,并想证明给我发电子邮件)*
随着帮助更多的人的目的踢的习惯,并戒烟,现在是免费提供的,通过这个程序。如果你的作品,欢迎您进行捐赠,以支持其创建的工作 - 但是这完全是可选的。良好的反馈和你的家人,朋友和同事的建议表示赞赏了。
该应用程序只是发挥你的戒烟催眠会议 - 你可以听很多次,只要你想。然而,它也通过链接到一个网站,你可以:
好运气在你的旅途变得更健康。该应用程序是免费的,所以给它一个尝试 - 如果现在还不是合适的时间给你,下载它反正当你准备使用。


Updated donations now that half of all proceeds go to cancer research charity.


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Free From Smoking - Hypnosis