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Memory Game To Keep Your Mind ActiveIf your mind is engaged in interesting, and constructive activities, Memory – Match Up game will help you to improve your memory skills. Children’s attention span and brain activity can be greatly improved with many interesting memory games that are designed in children friendly themes. Many online memory games are designed scientifically and aesthetically to serve the same purpose of improving brain activity. Memory games are like a boon to mothers, who plan to engage their children in interesting activities, which help their brain development too. Children and adults can play freely downloadable memory games and play them to keep them entertained, and at the same time, improve their memory and brain activity. We have always observed that when learning is made fun and enjoyable, children tend to learn and understand quickly. The same concept has been used in the Memory – Match Up Game, where children’s memory is improved tremendously through a simple and engaging activity. When interesting and exciting pictures and themes are included, it makes the game all the more fun. Children usually have short term memory and very less attention span. Games like this can improve their attention span as well as memory power. Such games are the best way to pick up information, knowledge and improve one’s memory.Memory games help us remember things. Even when we were children, we used to play a card game similar to the Match Up memory game online. One player takes two cards from the deck and plays them face up. If the pair is a match, you take those cards out, and put them on your side. If the two cards you turned face up, don’t match, you need to turn them back over, face down. Each player in their turn does the same thing, and if the pair they turned face up match, they can keep the pair as their kitty, otherwise, the game continues. At the end, the player with the most number of cards wins. This game helps you remember which card is which, when one player is turning them, so that you open the right pair of cards, and you win. This was a great activity to improve memory, and a lot of fun too.Memory – Match up game is a similar game online, which can be downloaded free from the web. It is a play on the classic board game, which can improve your attention and memory. The game is very simple, with a simple set of rules. The player needs to first start with the 3 x 4 grid. Each unit in the grid has an image. The player needs to open the same image in two grids. If the player achieves this, and opens all the image pairs correctly, he/she can unlock the next grid and move on to reach the next level. This engaging online game has many grid levels ranging from 3x4 to 4x5, 6x7, 8x8, and 10x10.The images are fun and interesting covering as many as 9 categories, which include food, movies, animals, social media, cartoons, flags, traffic signs, alphanumeric and transportation. Altogether, the game has around 600 colourful and interesting icons on the grids, to keep up the interest of the player. Your memory can be exercised well through this game where the objective is to match all the pairs in the least possible moves. When you turn the image over, you need to remember where it is, so that when you open a matching card later, you can pair them up. As the grid size increases, it becomes highly challenging, as the number of images and themes also differ. Some themes may be harder than the others, as the distinctions between the images can be very subtle. Match Up memory game is one of the best memory games, which can keep the whole family glued, for intensive memory training.




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Memory – Match Up Game