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About Us:
RiddiSiddhi Bullions Limited (RSBL) is one of India’s largest dealers in gold, silver and platinum bullion bars and coins.
Its flagship product, RSBL SPOT (Spot Precious-metals Online Trading), is India’s first and most successful online spot bullion trading system. RSBL SPOT prices are considered to be the benchmark prices for gold and silver trading in the professional markets across India.
In our continuous endeavor to take RSBL SPOT to the masses, we have made these prices available on all smart phone applications including Android, Apple iOS and BlackBerry.
Important Notes:
1. This is a free application, for viewing purposes only. In order to trade, kindly visit www.rsbl.co.in; SMS ‘Gold’ to 54242; email us at spot@rsbl.co.in or call us on +91 22 61245553 / 6629 8275/76 for more information.
2. These prices are quoted in Indian Rupees per 10grams for gold (G), per 1 kg for silver (S) and per ounce for Platinum (PLAT). International prices are quoted in US Dollar per ounce.
3. 1 ounce is equivalent to 32.103 grams.
4. While ‘Ask’ prices are prices at which you can buy, ‘Bid’ prices are prices at which you can sell to RSBL.
5. The symbols are abbreviated as Gold (G), Silver (S) or Platinum (PLAT). This is followed by three letters of the city where the prices prevail – Mumbai (MUM), Pune (PUN), Hyderabad (HYD), Vijaywada (VJY), Coimbatore (CMB), Chennai (CHN), Indore (IDR), Kochi (KOC), Surat (SRT), Ahmedabad (AHD), Rajkot (RJT), Banglore (BLR) & Kolkata (KOL). This is followed by the purity of the metal – 995 (995 parts pure out of 1000) or 999. Both 995 and 999 are 24 karats.
6. Prices of Gold in Mumbai and Pune are exclusive of Government Taxes (VAT, etc) while all other sectors are inclusive of VAT. Prices for Silver in Mumbai, Pune and Ahmedabad are exclusive of VAT while all other sectors are inclusive of VAT.
7. Besides, USDINR refers to Spot Indian Rupee Rates while AM and PM Fix refer to London Bullion Market Reference Rates.
8. You can now follow Mr. Prithviraj Kothari, RSBL’s managing director’s blogs on the bullion market at www.riddisiddhibullionltd.blogspot.com
These prices are proprietary prices and are subject to change. RiddiSiddhi Bullions Limited (RSBL) does not take any guarantee to the accuracy of the information provided on this application. Any loss or dispute arising out of actions taken by you on the basis of these prices is solely your responsibility. For detailed disclaimer and privacy policy, kindly visit www.rsbl.co.in


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