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TouchPal Keyboard Tablet is specially designed for Android tablets. You can split or resize the keyboard using gestures, or try the new slide input using TouchPal Curve. It also supports the latest Android 4.0 ICS. If you have an Android tablet, TouchPal Keyboard Tablet is a must-have for you. TouchPal is the GSMA Mobile Innovation Award winner.

If you are using a phone, you may download the other app, TouchPal Keyboard, for free.

Unique features:

1. Split keyboard – use gestures to split the keyboard. It's easier to type when you are holding tablets in landscape by two hands.

2. Resize keyboard – you can also resize the keyboard to a smaller size using gestures.
*Note: Portrait mode doesn't support splitting/resizing layout yet. We working on it in the next release.

3. TouchPal Curve - the first predictive sliding in the world. Pause in the middle of sliding to get long words predicted.

4. Intelligent next-word prediction. It may save up to 80% keystrokes.

5. Magic mistyping correction on Full QWERTY layout. Blind typing is no longer a dream!

6. Mixed language input allows auto language detection. No need to switch languages.

7. Innovation of T+ dual-letter layout. Bigger keys than QWERTY.


- Special skin for Android 4.0 style
- Multi-lingual support (download language packs after installation)
- Voice input (Android 2.2+)
- Outstanding dictionary with online update
- Import contact list to your user dictionary
- Backup/restore user dictionary in SD card
- Slide down on keys to quickly input number and symbols
- Fantastic sliding experience


- This is a public beta version and it's 100% free. It will not expire and it don't have any ads.
- Kindle Fire is NOT supported because it isn't open for 3rd party keyboards yet.


After installation, go to system "Settings" => "Local & text" and enable "TouchPal Keyboard Tablet"; then long press in any input field and select "Input Method" -> "TouchPal Keyboard Tablet".


We take your privacy seriously. TouchPal Keyboard is the GSMA award winner, and it does not collect your private data including password or credit card info. The warning message when you enable the keyboard is a standard message in Android for ANY third-party keyboard app. Refer to our privacy policy at www.touchpal.com/privacypolicy.html.



Q: When I Curve a word, how can I modify the prediction?

A: Double tap on the word, or tap the word and select "Touch to reselect".

Q: Why does it need Internet/voice/contact access?

A: It will check updates and download language packs. It does have speech recognition (for some models). And it will import contact names into the dictionary (in some languages).

We sincerely recommend you another TouchPal product: TouchPal Dialer. TouchPal Dialer helps you find contacts and make calls easily and quickly.


Follow us on Twitter: @TouchPal
Fan us on Facebook: Search "TouchPal"
Website: www.touchpal.com


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Android 1.5.0 以上


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TouchPal Keyboard (Tablet)