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NOTE : The application will be installed with the name "Unit Convertor (Free)".
Abscond Files is an easy-to-use File Hiding application!
Make those files go completely OFF THE GRID!
Hide your sensitive files from all the prying friends around you!
Make the hidden apps completely inaccessible unless and until un-hidden from within the app!
The best of it is that this simple and elegant app is hidden behind a unit convertor app.
Accessing Abscond Files is just a touch away, the entry to which is also secured by a password!
To access the file hiding app ->
Go to the settings of the unit convertor, and tap on the menu button 3 TIMES. That will give you the login screen to login to the app!
Key Features :
•Use AES 265-Bit Encryption to generate hidden files
•Files encrypted using a one-time 16 character passkey
•Easily multi-select files using check-boxes
•A secondary vault is maintained so that people who discover the hidden features may not see your previously hidden files!
•Thumbnails for images generated on-the-fly for easy identification of files
•Write Access to folders predetermined
•Stock Android 4.x looks to make you feel at home!
•Light and Dark Android Holo Themes
•Unit Converter has a wide range of units including Live Currency Fetching from the internet!
Upcoming Features:
•Quick-view a hidden file by long-pressing it.
•Deleting files from within the application
•Custom backgrounds
•Adding files to the hidden vault using the “Share” feature from other apps
Limitations of the Free Version of the app:
•You may select only 1 file at a time to hide/un-hide


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Android 3.0.0 以上


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Abscond Files! Free