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EPA Watch List Map

EPA Watch List Map

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EPA Watch List Map shows USA facilities regulated by EPA by GCS Research

The EPA Watch List App was developed by GCS Research, an award winning geospatial technology company based in Missoula, Montana. To improve public health and the environment, the United States Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA) collects information about facilities, sites, or places subject to environmental regulation or of environmental interest. Services provided by Esri ArcGIS Online.

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GCS Research provides our clients with advanced geospatial information technology, so they can achieve their strategic objectives. We deliver internationally recognized, award-winning solutions through an innovative commitment to the customer’s concept and project requirements. Building upon exceptional service and affordable, industry-leading tools, our success is measured by meeting and exceeding the exacting requirements of our customers.

Our portfolio consists of connected "smart" applications and data systems, innovative extensions for industry-leading core platforms, and extensible, integrated Web services. We utilize a standards-based approach to propel next-generation advancements along leading software packages and data resources and help our customers achieve their objectives through a combination of experience, innovation, and commitment to excellence.

By building upon the software and data technologies of our strategic partners in the industry, GCS Research cultivates end-to-end geospatial solutions at the height of GIS evolution. Using Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) and Web service protocols, our clients easily access and share geographic and related content across distributed networks, removing historical barriers to decision-making, analysis, and collaboration.

GCS clients include a blend of commercial and government organizations. We deliver a diverse range of geospatial applications, advanced research and development activities, and strategic consulting services. GCS focuses upon the communication, analysis, and exploitation of geospatial intelligence for a dynamic, high-performance user experience. Our success is measured by meeting and exceeding the exacting requirements of our customers.

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EPA Watch List Map