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In his early years of his career, Gareth Bale started out as a left-back. It was at Tottenham Hotspur that Harry Redknapp decided to utilise Gareth Bale's tremendous pace and experimented him as a left-winger. Gareth Bale is noted for this physical fitness such as his pace, stamina and agility. In terms of technique, Gareth Bale has good ball control, a free-kick specialist as evident in his 2 goals from free kick against Olympique Lyonnais,hard to contain in 1v1 situation that managers of other teams have decided to employ at least 2 players to stop Bale whenever he receives the ball and recently, to score goals on regular basis from outside the penalty box.As Gareth Bale developed into one of the most dangerous left-wingers in the world, his style of play has won admiration from managers, current and past players such as Luís Figo, José Mourinho,Igor Štimac, Dani Alvesand Phil Neville.Bale has been described as a footballer with "tremendous speed, great crossing ability, a great left foot and exceptional physical qualities". Former Liverpool player and BBC football pundit Mark Lawrenson said "What makes Gareth Bale so special? Simple. He is one of the quickest players I've ever seen, but he has another gear and the ability to find that extra pace within the next stride. He has the ability to perform and use his technique at great pace.*NOTE : This isn’t an official app. It’s an app for fans. The pictures and logo are copyrighted to their respective owners.We create the puzzle game with this images for fun only. All images are from images.google.com.


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