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The idea of going out for a pint of beer is not new. Neither is a pub crawl moving from pub to pub while enjoying even more pints. With this app you can take your night out one step further and define your very own pub crawl.
With the pub crawl from pubdroid.com you can easily follow all the details of the ongoing crawl using your android portable device. The app will show you the way to the pub where you friends are drinking this very minute. It will count down and let you know when it’s time for the party to move on to the next pub, it will guide you through the streets from pub to pub, it will list all pubs to visit on the crawl and it will even enable you to send short messages (tweets) to all pub crawl participants.
Before you can go out and enjoy a pub crawl using this app, a pub crawl organizer needs to set up the details of the pub crawl at www.pubdroid.com. Using the provided map tools and online pub database it is easy and fast to define your unique pub crawl. And if your favorite pub is not listed in the database – you can add it with a few clicks. For your convenience, the webpage provide sensible default values. But every crawl is different – so you are allowed to change all values as you please. When saved, each crawl is given a unique PIN (Pub crawl Identification Number). In addition, you also have the option of setting a password – if you want to make absolutely sure that no one crashes your crawl. Use the automatically generated invitation and distribute to your friends and you are good to crawl.
Key features of the app:
*Easy load function to get the correct pub crawl downloaded to your device. Just enter the PIN (Pub crawl Identification Number) and the optional password.
*Welcome page with title and general pub crawl information.
*Time schedule listing all pubs to be visited on the pub crawl – including a progress indicator showing you the time left.
*Map showing where all pubs are located. The map will also show your position and show you the direction to the next pub.
*Chat function where you can send short tweets to all other pub crawlers that have loaded your pub crawl. (If other pub crawls are going on at the same time – they will have their own separate chat channel.)
*You have the option of setting a nickname. Not mandatory, but nice to identify yourself while sending tweets.
*Count down timer for each visited pub. The timer will give you the time left at the current pub.
*The option of a pub crawl password in order to make sure no one guess your PIN (Pub crawl Identification Number)
*No sign up is needed to use the app. (Although, for privacy reasons, free sign up to define a pub crawl at pubdroid.com is required.)
*The option of selecting different settings of your choice. These include setting tweet poll interval, sound effects and progress indicator icon.
*Additional fun pages and historical quotations to browse through while crawling.
Please drink responsively, don’t bring your car and be nice to all – then you’ll get invited to the next crawl as well!
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此版本中的新功能:Improved user interaction and some minor bug fixes.


Android 1.6.0 以上


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