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Want to hear what your pet sounds like?

Want to hear how your pet would sound if he or she spoke and hear a different thought every time? What would his personality be? Dog, Cat, Fish, Horse, Mouse? Alien?

Now you can with the Pet Mind Reader app by PetBongo.com. This app features a revolutionary patent pending mechanism (not really) that will turn your device into a Mind Reader and you will hear what your pet will say in seconds for FREE.

The process is simple.
1. Select your pet type
2. Select the gender of your pet (even Aliens are included if you’ve found one and keep it in your attic)
3. Then point the device, hit the big red button and wait to hear the amazing result.
4. Every scan will sound a new thought. The fun never ends!!
You will be surprised to know what they are thinking and what type of personality they have. Some might be fresh. Beware.

The Pet Mind Reader by PetBongo.com was created with lots of fun and love for all animals alike.

For more information, please go to www.petbongo.com, and create a custom profile for your pet. It’s fun and simple to use. Share your pet’s story with other pet lovers.

Disclosure - This app is for entertainment purposes only. Petbongo.com is not responsible if your pet chews or eats your device or a combination of both.

No pets were harmed in the making of this app although a fly did go into one of our voice actors' mouths.
PetBongo.com is a place to share your pet's story with other pet lovers. If you've lost a pet, what better way to keep their memory alive then to share their story with other pet lovers who will understand you.

PetBongo.com was created by friends who love their pets and wanted to create a fun place for them to play and share stories and things alike.

At PetBongo.com, we do not discriminate. All pets are welcome.




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