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Beep! Chug! Zoom! Splash! Do you have a little one that adores vehicles of all shapes and sizes? Then get ready for some transportation fun with the Vehicle Toddler Games What’s Different! Let your little drivers have an wicked time looking at pictures of awesome vehicles doing their cool and neat jobs in this toddler friendly cars, boats, and planes game. The vehicle games what’s different is designed for ages 2 & up and especially first time app users because of the easy to use interactive game boards. This super cool vehicle for kids game will get your little one take a look at the vehicle pictures and find the toddler hidden objects and things that are different- it’s zoom-riffic fun! The vehicles and cars for toddlers what’s different is a timed three round find the difference game that’s features SIX different sets of amazing vehicle pictures. In this toddler cars for toddlers game your little one will get to play with boats, planes, cars, a school bus, and even a space ship!How To PlayThe object of the plane games for kids what’s different is to start on level one and circle what’s different in the first set of pictures. When they find the 4 differences your little one will then move onto the next level- and a new set of pictures. You can stay on each level for as long as you like, but if your little one needs a challenge the vehicle kid game will add bubbles for the next levels, making it more challenging to see and circle what’s different! The boat games for toddlers what’s different also has another wickedly fun feature- real vehicle horns! At the start of the game vehicle will beep and then funky music will play throughout the school bus games for children and fun applause will ring out when your little one finds what’s different. Playing this transportation toddler game will also encourage:-Fine motor skills.-Recognition and memory concepts.-Color recognition and vocabulary.The car games for free what’s different is designed to keep challenging your little ones because they can play for as long as they want on each level until they are ready to challenge themselves with the bubbles. This vehicle game for 2 year olds will grow with your little ones, and updates and new pictures will be added regularly. Coming soon- Halloween Planes Party!Design Team: Nancy, Deborah, Bob, Sophia-Rose, and Sam. Zoom in for some true vehicle transportation fun in the Vehicle Toddler Games What’s Different and let your child have fun learning through play with a Play n’ Learn App!There is an AD FREE Version of this boats and planes games for toddlers what’s different available on Google Play.




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Vehicle Toddler Games