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The must have app for every FIFA player!When you're playing FIFA with your friends and it's getting boring when everybody is always picking the same teams, then this is the app that will help you.Play an exciting and unexpected match over and over!★★★★★Play with 4 and 5 star ranked teams:The best clubs from the game get mixed up and you and your friend get one of them. Nobody can pick their favorite, so may the best win!Play only with clubs, national teams or mix them up. Only the best teams, so nobody has an excuse for losing!★★★★★In-app purchase:For even more fun you should buy the premium version, including these great features:Play a Derby:A derby is always an exciting match. There is more at stake. So do you get Atletico against Real Madrid, or Manchester United against Manchester City? Play Under one flag:Play with a Premier League team against a team from the championship. Or will Barcelona B win against their club mates from Barcelona?Play Death match:Get a team that's 2 to 3 star ranked and play against a team that's 4 to 5 star ranked.Play David vs. Goliath:Got that friend that says that he can beat you with any club? Then pick "Play David vs. Goliath"! Can your friend beat you with Newport County, even if you're PSG?


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