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Shop for deals. Browse top catalogs. Search/scan 400M items across 150K stores.
This app is designed for your Android smartphone.
Note: If you want to browse store catalogs on a tablet, try Catalogue by TheFind on your iPad or Nexus and other Android tablets.
Browse top catalogs. Check availability. Scan barcodes. Find the best price. Search for deals. Save money. Create a shopping list. The perfect on-the-go shopping companion. Not only is The Find shopping app free, it's AD-FREE so that you can shop with our simple easy-to-use interface without distractions. Go on a shopping spree with confidence, knowing you did your homework - checked for the best price on the web, from catalogs, and in stores. Try it! It's FREE, fun, fast and easy.
Featured in the Wall Street Journal, NY Times, InStyle, CNET, CNN, Forbes, Smart Money & several others. Read more to find out what makes The Find shopping app different than the rest!
• Features •
* Shop without the clutter - no ads!
* Scan -- UPC barcodes or QR codes scanned quickly and accurately
* Browse -- hundreds of catalogs from your favorite stores - Crate & Barrel, Sephora, J.Crew, Zappos, Anthropologie, Nordstrom, Williams-Sonoma, Lands' End & more...
* Search - shows more products and stores compared to other shopping apps
* Coupons -- get codes and shipping deals available for thousands of products
* Share -- searched, browsed and scanned items with friends
* Detects your location and finds stores nearby
* Weekly circulars from Best Buy
* Product availability at your local stores (powered by Retailigence & EBay Milo)
• Additional Features After Sign In •
* Syncs automatically with TheFind.com website (meaning, if you don’t want to purchase through your phone, you can always go to our website and purchase from the comfort of your own computer)
* Personalized product results based on your favorite stores
* Find & save favorites in your “MyFinds” Drawer to create a shopping list
• Privacy •
Shop confidently. We adhere to strict privacy standards and will never share or sell your personal information. Read our privacy policy in the settings tab.
• Instructions •
With the simple tap of the Find Every Product button, our app will show you the lowest price we found from all over the web. We'll also show you, whether or not it's available at your local store, or in your favorite catalog. In just two easy steps, you'll find the lowest prices and favorite stores that carry what you're looking for:
Search - Type in the product you're looking for and hit the Find Every Product button
Simply hit the Scan a Barcode button and scan a product
Browse 100's of catalogs from your favorite stores. Always fresh.
We've already helped millions of happy shoppers save money and time! Download today - it's FREE!
• Note •
We’re not 100% perfect, but we continue working hard to improve the accuracy of our information including prices and inventory. If something looks off, if you find an error or if you just want to add your two cents, we’d love to hear from you. Write to us in our Settings tab on the bottom right hand corner of the app menu.
If you want to browse catalogs in landscape mode, try our Catalogue by TheFind app on your iPad or Nexus and other Android tablets.




Android 4.0.2 以上


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Catalog Shopping. Scan. Search