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T-Mobile continues to change the wireless industry by giving you more control of your device through My Account with our latest feature called Device Health (Beta). Device Health helps you find out exactly what is wrong with your device and gives you the tools to fix it - all from one place. No longer will you have to search through FAQs, your device's settings menu, call care or even go to a retail store to figure out why your battery is not lasting as long or why your phone is running slow.
Key Features of My Account:
    • New! Device Health (Beta) - improve your battery and device performance, get notified whenever we find an issue
    • Bill Pay - easily setup and pay your bill directly from your phone
    • Data Usage - view how much data you use so you can make sure you and your family are on the right plan
    • Account Management - view account usage and manage multiple lines all on one screen
    • Notifications - the one place to find alerts for your device, account, and any special offers from T-Mobile
What is Device Health Beta?- It's a set of tests that identify problems with your device and gives you the tools to fix them straight from the app, we will:
    • Check Battery Performance-is your battery working properly? Is your battery dying after a few hours? Find out if it's your screen, an app, or something else that's killing your battery.
    • Check Device Performance-is your device starting to run slowly? Do you click on something and it takes forever to do anything? Find out if you have a memory issue, the latest firmware or too many apps running at once.
    • Help You Fix The Problem-Find a problem? Fix it straight from the app without having to go through hard to understand FAQs or any device settings.
    • Notify You : If we find an issue that should be addressed immediately, we will send you a notification on your device to let you know what the problem is and how to fix it.
How Device Health works:
    • Identifying a Problem: Device Health runs a set of 25 diagnostic tests and groups the results into two categories to make it easy for you - Battery Performance and Device Performance. The main screen of the Device Health page displays an overall device performance rating. RED indicates there are significant issues that need to be addressed. YELLOW indicates performance could be improved, but it's performing OK. GREEN indicates the device performance is excellent. The rating is based on the number of settings and issues that can be optimized therefore, if there are multiple issues that need to be addressed, the overall rating will be RED.
    • Fixing The Problem: The same performance rating applies throughout all sections within Device Health such as screen brightness and memory usage. A red wrench icon will display next to the categories that require attention. Select the red wrench icon and follow the suggested steps to resolve the found issue.
Stay tuned for more updates to My Account from T-Mobile that will give you greater control over your T-Mobile account and device.
T-Mobile公司将继续通过给你更多的控制你的设备通过我的帐户与我们所谓的卫生设备(测试版)最新功能改变无线行业。医疗设备可以帮助你找出到底什么是错的你的设备,并提供工具来修复它 - 都来自同一个地方。你将不再有通过常见问题解答,您的设备的设置菜单来搜索,打电话关心,甚至去零售店要弄清楚为什么你的电池是不是持久的,只要或为什么你的手机运行缓慢。
•新! 设备健康(测试版) - 改善你的电池和设备的性能,得到通知每当我们发现一个问题,
•帐单支付 - 轻松地设置并直接从您的手机支付帐单
•数据使用 - 查看有多少数据你使用,因此您可以确保您和您的家人都在正确的计划
•帐户管理 - 查看帐户的使用和管理在一个屏幕多行所有
•通知 - 在一个地方找到的警报为您的设备,帐户,并从T-Mobile公司的任何特殊优惠
什么是设备健康测试 - 这是一组发现问题与您的设备测试,并为您提供了工具来直接从应用程序解决这些问题,我们将?:
•检查电池性能 - 是您的电池是否正常工作?是在几个小时后你的电池要死了吗?查找出来,如果​​它是你的屏幕上,一个应用程序,或其他什么东西,就是杀死你的电池。
•检查设备性能 - 是您的设备开始运行缓慢?你点击的东西,它永远做什么吗?查明您是否有内存问题,最新的固件或同时运行过多的应用程序。
•确定一个问题:设备健康运行一组25诊断测试,并对结果进行分组分为两类,使你很容易 - 电池性能和设备性能。设备健康页面的主屏幕显示的整体设备性能评价。红色表示有一些需要解决的显著问题。黄色表示的性能还有待改进,但它的表现确定。绿色表示该设备性能优良。该评级是基于设置和因此可以优化问题的数量,是否存在需要解决多个问题,总体评价将是红色的。


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