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PC Connect is an innovative lock screen that allows you to create a true connection between your Android device and your browser. Get all the benefits of your web browser on your Android device, and discover a whole new world of possibilities in the palm of your hand!Features:*Instant Information- Incoming call or SMS? Connect will send this information to your browser so you can see who's contacting you directly from your browser.*Tailored Recommendations- Texted a friend about a new movie or a show? Get all the details about show times, venues and tickets sales any time. HomeTab on your PC can interact with HomeBase Connect on your phone and get smarter and smarter over time. The more you use, the more valuable it gets!*Smart Calendar- Have an important meeting or a birthday coming up? HomeBase Connect will keep you informed with all the details. It will even notify you when to leave home according to traffic, or where to get gifts!*Valuable- Visiting a new place? HomeBase Connect uses your mobile device geo location to bring you all the insights about where you are. Get info about the places you have to visit, restaurants you have to eat in, traffic, weather and much more!Pc Connect Lockscreen offers you a whole new way to interact with your phone by delivering what’s important to you directly to your lock screen!Whether you’re a social monster that can’t get enough of your friends launch pics and status updates, or a tech enthusiast that just have to keep up to date with all the latest news- HomeBase is there to bring what you love to your phone’s doorstep. Add a high variety of elements such as personalized content via RSS Feeds, connect to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest and get your social feeds without unlocking your phone!




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Android 3.0.0 以上



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PC Connect Lockscreen