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China FLAG FRAMESEveryone loves their own country and the national flag is a pride to every citizen of the country. The national flag can be regarded as the symbol of any country’s national unity and its significance is unparallel as it gives the country a distinct identification. So, if you are a resident of China having an Android or an iPhone and want to show your patriotism, China Flag Frames is the appropriate application to install in your phone. Easy to install, this free app is apt for those who want to depict their loyalty towards his or her country. Using this amazing app you can select any frame from the plethora of national flag grids available in this fascinating mobile application.Create your own picture with your country’s national flag adjusting your favorite photograph inside any grid that you wish to choose from the surfeit of options obtainable. This application gives you up to 7 grids in 36 alluring layouts. Pick your favorite picture and create your own photo frame in any of the grid crafted with enticing designs available in the China Flag Frames app. This fabulous app can also be used if you are an ardent fan of any celebrity of your country and want to make a photo frame of your favorite star with the suitable grid and share it with your friends through various medium of social communication. Craft your grid with your favorite photograph using China Flag Frames app for Android and iPhone and give your old typical pictures an exclusive look.Show your creativity by making an exquisite photo frame with your photograph or any other person using this mobile application and enthrall your friends by posting them on various social media communication applications. Choose your favorite photograph from the collection of pictures and create a fascinating photo frame using this excellent mobile application called China Flag Frames.FEATURES- Easy Installation of China Flag Frames- Select a gallery folder from the given list in order to select your favorite image- Select the desired image from selected folder- View the images that you select on the below bar- Delete or change any incorrect selection- You will get the options for grids with respect to number of images you select (e.g. if you select 4 images, you will have all the options for 4 grids)- Adjust the images inside the grids (e.g. Zoom In, Zoom Out, Rotate) with the touch interface- Save your new photo frame- Your photo frame will be saved in your SD card/Storage Directory, inside China Flag Frames Folder- Share your frame with friends and family- Give a New Look to an Old ClickNow you can enhance your old photographs using this application and give it a complete new look. With amazingly designed grid layouts, it’s your chance to create your photo frame with any of your favorite picture and let the world know about your creativity and your passion for your country.




Android 2.2.x 以上



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China Flag Frames