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BABEL is a cross-platform messaging app which allows you to use your Android and other smartphone devices to exchange encrypted text messages (SMS) with other BABEL users. It offers the highest level of security in case of breach or eavesdropping and is designed to keep messages encrypted not only during transmissions, but also in the device memory. The only limitation of this trial version is that it allows you to send 50 messages.***********************************************************************BE SECURE. REMAIN PRIVATE. KEEP THEM CONFUSED. *************************************************************************** WHY USE BABEL: **** • CROSS-PLATFORM: Unlike some other message encryption apps, you can use BABEL to exchange messages with users on other platforms • PRIVATE: Thanks to End-to-End encryption, no third party or central server is involved in transmissions – you don’t need to trust anyone but your counterpart (contact). • SECURE: NSA-grade encryption powers. Besides message encryption over the air, they are encrypted also in the device itself, in case your phone is lost or stolen - your messages and privacy remains safe and untouched. • ENCRYPTED: BABEL uses proven and standard algorithms for strong cryptography - AES for end-to-end message encryption and Diffie-Hellman for cryptographic keys agreement • SIMPLE: No data connection is required, BABEL uses standard messaging service (SMS). • EASY: Easy to use and intuitive user interface – once keys between you and your contact are exchanged, you are able to instantly send and receive encrypted messages (takes about a minute to get started) **** TECHNICAL DETAILS: **** • No data connection is required, encrypted messages are sent through standard SMS (text service). • Diffie-Hellman algorithm is used for the initial key exchange between the two parties.• Outgoing messages are encrypted using AES symmetric cipher with a key length of 128 bits. • Each message is encrypted with a different random key. • End-to-end encryption - message is encrypted at its starting point and decrypted it at its destination.Messages are encrypted not only during transmission but also in the phone memory. Secret keys are never sent from the device in plain text, which means that all communication, including key agreement, can be intercepted without any fear or risk of potential decryption. BABEL users don't have to remember any new one-time-passwords, keys, or buy and use digital certificates. BABEL is simple and intuitive.---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Your feedback is much appreciated! Please, if you have any questions, concerns or ideas how to make our app better, get in touch with us via: http://www.getbabel.com or follow us on twitter: http://twitter.com/Oksystemus @Oksystemus


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Android 2.2.x 以上


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Babel - Encrypted Messaging