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ICEcare on your mobile phone could save a life... yours or someone you know!
ICEcare is a comprehensive emergency preparedness solution for your Android powered mobile phone that provides you and your family the tools required to prepare for, survive and recover from an emergency or disaster.
Who will speak on your behalf when you cannot if you are rendered unconscious or incoherent due to an accident or medical emergency… now there’s an app for that! With ICEcare, your mobile handset will contain your critical medical information, health history and pre-selected emergency contacts, allowing first responders and hospital staff access to this vital information so they can provide the best care possible for you or your loved ones during an emergency.
ICEcare is the only mobile solution that can provide your critical medical information and emergency contacts even if your phone is locked or inoperable. ICEcare offers you a sticker with a unique identification number that adheres to the back of your device and identifies that your medical information and emergency contacts are stored on your handset and also at ICEcare.net. This fail-safe feature requires your profile on ICEcare.net. In addition, ICEcare information on your handset can be locked or deleted remotely from any Internet enabled device if your mobile phone is ever lost or stolen.
Examples of information stored in ICEcare can include: your chronic medical conditions, allergies, medications, emergency contacts, etc. This information is stored on the handset, thus the phone does not have to be network enabled for first responders to have access to it. You provide as much or little information as you want into ICEcare.
ICEcare is also an educational tool to train you, your family and co-workers (ICEcare can be provided by employers to their staff) to plan for and prepare for emergencies… some of the tools provided include: first aid training, build and practice home and work emergency plans, recommended items to include in a home emergency kit, disaster recovery procedures and more. In short, ICEcare helps you learn what to do before an emergency (training and preparedness), during an emergency (providing vital personal health information) and after an emergency (what to do now that a disaster has happened, who to contact, where to go, how to remain safe, etc).
ICEcare provides a platform for organizations to promote social responsibility and community safety. ICEcare can be branded by your company/organization and provided to your customers to promote loyalty, increase corporate citizenship and facilitate charitable giving. Please contact us at info@ICEcare.net to discuss branding, charitable donations and other marketing opportunities.
ICEcare is provided at no charge because we care about you and your loved ones. We will never sell your data to any third party without your express written permission. Please tell your family and friends about ICEcare and give us your feedback so we can continue to improve the product. If ICEcare saves a single life, all the effort in building this solution will have been well worth the effort. We look forward to hearing from you.
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此版本中的新功能:Total redesign to facilitate ease of use for users as well as first responders trying to save your life. From initial sign-up to future updates for your critical details, this release provides a simplified wizard to facilitate progressive disclosure. ICEcare now includes more information that may be accessed in a well-organized manner, including your picture. It also includes the ability to remotely secure or destroy your information, in case your mobile phone is lost, stolen or misplaced.


Android 1.5.0 以上


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