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IAFF Foundation Pro-Calendar: Shift Calendar/Organizer Supporting IAFF Foundation Charities FREE 30 day trial period - Designed by a firefighter for firefighters.
Once the trial period expires please purchase the premium IAFF Pro-Calendar key to unlock the app. With every purchase a portion of the sale proceeds benefit several IAFF Foundations while the remaining proceeds go towards the continued support and development of the product.
The International Association of Fire Fighters and Pro-Calendar™ have teamed together and are excited to announce the release of the IAFF Charities Fire Fighter Android Calendar/Organizer App. The most advanced App for scheduling and tracking critical job related information currently available for Fire Fighters.
BACKGROUND: Our mobile app is based off our popular 48 page pocket shift calendar/organizer which retails for $15.00. Available at $6.99 for a 12 month subscription, the IAFF Pro-Calendar app is an even better value at over 50% off compared to our calendar/organizers. For less than half the price you get twice the value of our paper product! In addition, feel good knowing part of the proceeds of the yearly subscription not only provide support to continually update and improve the app but also benefits the IAFF Charities.
DESCRIPTION: FREE 30 day trial period
The IAFF Pro-Calendar is a powerful software program developed for the Android and specifically designed to program unique fire fighter color-coded shift schedules and track various work related activities important to today’s Fire Fighter.
Please note that this is a somewhat complex app, and may take some time to learn. We have created many tutorials (www.pro-calendar.com/iphone/tutorials.html) for all of the features as well as included an area to email us in the help section. Please do not hesitate to ask us for help.
Track Real Time Balances:
•Shift trades
•Sick time
•Comp time
•Vacation time
Calendar Specific Features:
•Custom to your color-coded shift schedule •Add Kelly and Debit day cycles •Payday cycles •Set reoccurring appointments with individual alarms
Exposure - Incident Logs:
•Haz Mat
•Other incidents
Quickly record vital information related to exposures--a critical component when dealing with presumptive disease documentation.
Highlighted Features Include:
•Alarm mode reminders for important appointments, meetings and dates •Automatic adjustments of accrual rates for sick time and vacation hours tied to your specific pay periods
The IAFF Foundation makes sure fire fighters, paramedics and their families are taken care of in their time of need by providing assistance following disasters or a line-of-duty death. The IAFF Foundation also promotes fire and burn prevention, advocates for fire fighter and paramedic health and safety and promotes public education on how to prevent or recover from these traumatic events.
IAFF Pro-Calendar - Shift Calendar/Organizer App Benefits the IAFF Foundation:
•IAFF Burn Foundation
•Disaster Relief Fund
•Fallen Fire Fighter Memorial Foundation •John P. Redmond Foundation •McClellan Scholarship Fund
We appreciate your continued support and plan to support this app fully. There are many new features and updates planned for the future of the app.
Special Thanks to Gamma Point LLC (www.gamma-point.com) for all their exceptional work on this project. We could not have created this app without their skills and expertise in developing mobile applications.
Changes in Version 1.1 and 1.2: Bug Fixes, Link to premium key app once the trial period expires.
国际消防员协会基金会亲日历:移日历/主办单位支持国际消防员协会慈善基金会免费30天试用期 - 由消防员消防队员设计。
背景:我们的移动应用程序是基于我们关闭流行的48页的口袋转移日历/主办单位的零售价为120元。每本$ 6.99 12个月的订阅,IAFF临日历应用程序是超过50%甚至更高的价值关相比,我们的日历/组织者。不到一半的价格,你得到我们的纸产品的价值的两倍!此外,手感好知道每年认购所得款项的一部分,不仅提供支持,不断更新和完善的应用程序,但也有利于国际消防员协会慈善。
曝光 - 事件日志:
快速记录与风险的重要信息 - 在与推定疾病的文档处理的重要组成部分。
国际消防员协会临日历 - 移日历/编排应用优势的国际消防员协会基金会:


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