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My Valentine LWP will give a colorful and romantic touch to your Smartphone! My Valentine Live Wallpaper will give a colorful and romantic touch to your Smartphone with your preferred picture inside a frame, multiple floating hearts and a text of your choice.It can be a special gift for the sweethearts of every age. Settings: Hearts -You can change the Hearts Type that wander around your screen: Bubbles, Diamonds, Shiny and Broken. -You can change also the number, the size and the speed of the hearts. -You can change the movement. The hearts can float or moving on the screen with gravity effect. Frame - You can add a nice sparkling frame to your picture. - You can set the effect of the frame sparkling. Text - You can add a text to your live wallpaper: your Valentine’s name or some sentence. You can set the appearance by choosing "Font & color". On the Font dialog, set your choice by tapping the preview button. - You can place your text fixed on the screen (and you can move it by dragging) or leave your text moving such as the hearts (floating or by gravity). Background:You can set your Valentine's picture as a background from your gallery with 4 available settings:- Stretch to fit the screen- Preserve the size with dark strips- Crop the image to fill the screen- Crop the image with swipe effect The default background is totally black or a starlit night sky. Sound - You can enable sound and when you pop, break or move the hearts the LWP plays a little sound (according with your ringtone volume - if the phone are in silent mode, the LWp doesn't play any sound) Enjoy My Valentine! The permission FULL INTERNET ACCESS and VIEW NETWORK STATE are only for the ads present in the Settings.This is my first Live Wallpaper that uses advertising. There is no paid version, but only this full free version. Please don't be sad about ads, they will appear only in the Settings and not on your live wallpaper screen. When you use the live wallpaper as live background on your phone, it doesn't access to internet. NO AIRPUSH.



Android 2.3.2 以上


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My Valentine Live Wallpaper