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iCarCheck.net - UK Car Checks

iCarCheck.net - UK Car Checks

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iCarCheck.net - UK Car Checks iCarCheck.net - UK Car Checks iCarCheck.net - UK Car Checks iCarCheck.net - UK Car Checks iCarCheck.net - UK Car Checks iCarCheck.net - UK Car Checks

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Get a UK Car History check from only 98p just by entering the number plate! We give you the basics for free; make, model, year and colour allowing you to be sure that we have the right car before you purchase a full history check.
We offer you three levels of vehicle history check:
+ Basic: Make, Model, Colour, Year, Transmission, Fuel, Body, Engine, Drive Type, Insurance and Export History, Number of keepers, Environmental Information, Performance Data, and more!
+ Gold: Everything from the basic report plus; Lots of technical data such as Weight, Bore, Stroke, Cam Type, etc. Top Speed, MPG, Police Computer History, Plate Changes and more!
+ ULTIMATE!: Everything from the basic and gold reports plus a full 5 part valuation of the vehicle provided by the CAP Black Book. The value when new, dealer value, private price, part-ex value, and poor condition price.
The price you pay is per vehicle, once you buy a history check it is yours to keep. You can email it to yourself from within the app, or logon to www.icarcheck.net and access it there.
We also provide Mileage and Outstanding Finance (Hire Purchase Agreement) Checks as an additional feature to all our reports, you can purchase these as an upgrade to any check from within the app*. Make sure that your next car doesn't have a hidden past; an undeclared history can affect your insurance premiums (and their validity). Get an iCarCheck.net History Report today!
Our data comes from a number of sources including the DVLA, Vehicle Manufacturers, The Police National Computer and Car Status Check.
With all paid iCarCheck.net checks comes a guarantee - the check you select determines the level of financial protection (see www.icarcheck.net for details) you receive. Please note that not all information is available on every vehicle, where possible we supply every piece of information provided to us. If you have any questions, or if you feel your report did not contain all the information it should have please contact us via the app and we will be glad to help. Or you can call us on 01732 25 2222.
All of this, and it’s considerably cheaper than an HPI Check or Experian Check!
Permissions: Why do we ask for these app permissions?
+ Directly call numbers, or services that cost money: Allows us to connect you to iCarCheck.net support from within the app, we only do this when you tap the call button. We never dial without you starting the call.
+Full network access: Allows us to access the internet, and as such our servers. Without it you wouldn't be able to search for your car!
+Read phone state and identity: Lets us get your phone number, we only do this when you contact support so we can call you back. We let you choose if you want to send us your number first.
+Find accounts on this device: This is for the Google+ button on the apps launch page!
*Where data is available.

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