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UK Vehicle Checks

UK Vehicle Checks

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UK Vehicle Checks UK Vehicle Checks

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iCarCheck Vehicle history and Data Checks. Outstanding Finance, Write offs etc iCarCheck - Vehicle Data Checks. Everywhere. A complete Car History Check from just the numberplate. So that you can quickly decide if iCarCheck is what you're looking for, iCarCheck: - Does charge for complete history checks starting at £2.99; you can get basic data for free though. - Does pretty much everything else! iCarCheck provides complete and accurate Car History Checks! *** Gold and Gold+Valuation iCarCheck checks come with a free financial guarantee - scroll down for more information *** iCarCheck allows you to check the history and valuation of any UK or Northern Ireland Vehicle. This is important for: - Buying a car: buying a car with a hidden past can result in expense, inability to insure or in some cases having the car taken away!! - Selling a car: be sure to advertise correctly and find the Market rate for your model - mileage adjusted!! - Your own car: make sure that it really is what they said it is. Undeclared past issues can affect insurance validity!! iCarCheck will give you **free** information to verify that we have the right car. This free information is: - Make - Model - Colour - Year - Fuel Type - Gearbox (auto/manual) - Brake Horsepower (BHP) - CO2 Emissions (Check how 'green' it is) For a per-vehicle fee (Basic - £2.99, Gold -£4.99, Gold+Valuation - £6.99) you can find out a massive amount of important information (the largest available on the app store!) including: - Insurance Write off - Stolen Vehicle Check - Police Stolen and Recovered - VIN / Chassis number check - Engine Number - Number of keepers - Last Keeper Change - Insurance Total Loss category - Imported - Exported - Scrapped - Left or Right Hand Drive - Colour Change History - Numberplate / Registration Plate (VRM) Changes and Transfers - Valuation of your vehicle - MPG - Top Speed - Weight + Many more A Gold iCarCheck includes (up to*) 50 pieces of information including:- Important Car History Items - Technical Specifications - Green / Environmental Information - Performance Metrics - Cost of ownership (Tax Band, Insurance Band etc..) The Valuation will give you an Industry leading valuation from CAP. You will get- Price when new- Dealer Price for this month- Part-exchange Price- Private Price- Poor-condition Price With all paid iCarCheck checks comes a guarantee - the check you select determines the level of financial protection: Gold iCarCheck - £10,000 Gold with Valuation iCarCheck - £15,000 All of this, considerably cheaper than an HPI or Experian check! * Depending on vehicle availability. We have a lot of data for most vehicles but sometimes vehicle data just isn't available for one reason or another. If your vehiclehas less than 20 items of data, or you feel that your vehicle was not described as you expect it; drop us a support ticket from within the app and well be glad to help. You can call iCarCheck with any issues or questions on 01732 25 2222 or email us at support@icarcheck.net! ** Please note, this version DOES NOT offer an outstanding finance check.

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