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Since 1998, DogFriendly.com has been providing travel information for people and their pets. DogFriendly.com's website and printed books have been used by millions of people over the years in their quest for pet-friendly places. Now these guides, which include pet-friendly hotels, B&Bs, vacation rentals, campgrounds, attractions, outdoor restaurants, shopping centers, stores, beaches, parks, off-leash parks, ferries and transportation that allows pets and emergency vets are customized in an app for easy use on your Android phone or pad. This FREE app has many tens of thousand dog-friendly destinations which are researched, described and reviewed by researchers at DogFriendly.com and our army of readers. Available in the app is our complete travel guide for the United States and Canada which is updated monthly with new places, changes and removing places as necessary. From large cities to small towns, we have thousands of pet-friendly destination cities and resort regions. Also in the app is DogFriendly.com's unique pet-friendly highway guides to many major highways including I-5, I-75, I-95, I-80 and twenty other highways. These guides tell you where you can stop for the night with your four-legged travel companion. And there is access to Dog-Friendly.com's Dog News blog, it's city guides for major cities and DogFriendly.com's annual Top 10 places to visit with your dog. Easily access the premier pet travel guides from your Android phone or pad with DogFriendly.com's app.

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