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Schedule New England Patriots

Schedule New England Patriots

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Schedule New England Patriots Schedule New England Patriots Schedule New England Patriots Schedule New England Patriots Schedule New England Patriots Schedule New England Patriots

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2016 2017 Schedule for New England Patriots fans and Trivia Game for New England Patriots football fans. This app has the schedule for wicked die hard New England Patriots football fans with TV and radio listings as well as a great Patriots Trivia Game. Over 8,700 Patriots fans have downloaded this very fast, small, and free simple app. So when you are walking around BeanTown and someone says “Hey, when do the Patriots play this week?" or "Who do the Patriots play this week?”. One tap of your Android phone and there is the answer! No thumbing through old months, this app knows today's date and quickly shows the next set of games from today's date to the end.
Over 94% of our reviews are either 5 stars or 4 stars.
If you keep this app on your phone it will also automatically update next year’s schedule when it is available, so be sure to check Automatic Updates to keep it updated! One tap on any game it takes you to Patriots web site for scores, highlights, blogs, and all the details.
Also, many Patriots fans have downloaded this fun and challenging app that tests your knowledge of important stats and history of this storied franchise! You can also send in your own Pats Trivia question and we will put it in the database with your name on it if you wish. This app has no official affiliation with the New England Patriots of the NFL. Have fun and enjoy!!!
2016 2017年时间表新英格兰爱国者队的球迷和知识问答游戏的新英格兰爱国者队的球迷。这个程序有邪恶的死与电视和电台列表硬新英格兰爱国者队的球迷,以及作为一个伟大的爱国者知识问答游戏的计划。 8700爱国者球迷已经下载了这个速度非常快,小,免费简单的应用程序。所以,当你周围豆城,有人说:走“嘿,什么时候爱国者玩这个星期?”或者“谁爱国者玩这个星期?”。 Android手机的一个水龙头,就有答案了!通过旧个月没有翻阅,这个应用程序知道今天的日期,并迅速显示下一组从今天的日期结束比赛。

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Updated the 2016-2017 schedule!
We edited and added many more great NE Patriots trivia questions from our users, keep sending them in.

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