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Baseball schedule

Baseball schedule

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Baseball schedule Baseball schedule

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Simple and Fast baseball schedule for Pittsburgh Pirates fans with TV and radio listings. Over 5,900 Pirates fans have downloaded this very simple baseball schedule with TV and radio listings. So when you are walking around Pittsburgh and you find yourself saying “do the Pirates play tonight?" or "Dude when is the next Bucs game?”. One tap of your Android phone and there is the answer!!! Press on any game and the app goes to to the Pirates web site for highlights, scores, blogs, and much more. If you keep this app on your phone it will also automatically update next year’s schedule when it is available, so be sure to check Automatic Updates to keep it updated!Our App does NOT ask permission to READ PHONE STATE AND IDENTITY, like other apps which allows the app to access the phone features of the device and can determine the phone number and serial number of your phone. Our app does NOT have that permission. Note, if there are rain outs or double header makeups we may not have them in the schedule immediately, so if there is a rain out check the web site that day. This app has no official affiliation with the MLB.

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Android 2.1.0 以上

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