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*** GetMe2 Los Angeles has reached the end of its life, please see the new and fully featured GetMe2 Transit. Full trip planner, timetables stored on your device, easier to use and real time transit in selected locations! ***
-Ad supported version, limits number of favourite routes/trips that can be saved-
GetMe2 Los Angeles is designed to get you from where you are to where you want to go, all using the public transport system available to you!
Bus, Light Rail and Heavy Rail times are stored on your phone so once you're up and running no Internet connection is required to access times.
Some features include:
- Stop selection via map (no need to know your stop number)
- Point to point allowing selection of a departure and arrival point, the rest of the work will be done for you!
- Ability to find stops near your location and display the routes of all services departing these stops
- Stop times displayed on the map for each stop
- Set an alarm before your service departs/arrives/transfers
- Support for service transfers. This means all trip times are displayed, unlike other transport apps that sometimes miss over half of the services available
- Journey planner with customisable transfer time links multiple services so you can make your connections
- Show alternate services between selected stops
- Street address for every stop listed
- Favourite routes with customisable names
- Include nearby stops with customisable search radius. i.e. include all stops within 100 metres of the selected stops for your trip
- Filter services by transport type (bus/train/tram) and/or service name
- Direction switcher to view services in the opposite direction
- Stop filter so stops in the opposite direction aren't displayed
- Select how many days in advance to show service times for, or increase search day by day
- Show all services frequenting a stop by selecting the stop from the map
- Easy to navigate screen flow
- Automatically checks for timetable updates
- Gesture support for moving between tabs
Compatible with tablets although not officially supported at this stage.
*** GetMe2洛杉矶已达到其使用寿命,请参阅新的,功能齐全的GetMe2交通。完整的旅行计划,时间表设备上存储,使用更加方便,实时交通在选定的位置! ***
- 停止通过地图选择(不需要知道你的站号)
- 点对点允许选择的出发点和到达点,剩下的工作会为你做!
- 能够找到您的位置,并显示附近的路线离开这些站的所有服务站
- 停止时间显示在地图上每站
- 设置报警服务之前离开/到达/转让
- 支持服务转移。这意味着所有行程时间的显示,不像其他交通工具的应用程序,有时会错过的一半以上提供的服务
- 自定义的传输时间链接多个服务的旅程规划,这样就可以使您的连接
- 显示交替之间选择的服务站
- 列出的每一站的街道地址
可自定义的名称 - 收藏航线
- 包括附近的站点自定义的搜索半径。即包括各站所选择的站100米的范围内为您的行程
- 过滤器服务的传输类型(巴士/火车/电车)和/或服务的名称
- 方向切换器,以查看在相反的方向上的服务
- 停止过滤器,从而停止在相反的方向上不显示
- 选择提前多少天在显示的服务时间,或者增加搜索天天
- 显示出入停止所有服务,选择停止从地图
- 易于导航的屏幕流
- 自动检查时间表更新
- 支援手势操作在标签之间移动

GetMe2 Los Angeles Free 更新内容

-New Feature: Set an alarm for a departing/arriving service or a transfer between services
-Bug Fix: Timetable updater sometimes crashed when checking for a timetable update if no Internet connection was available, download progress bar incorrectly reported progress
-Bug Fix: Further minor bug fixes causing various crashes
-Improvement: Even smaller timetable
-Improvement: Notification to update timetable when it's out of date. Defaulted auto update check to every three days

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Android 2.1.x 以上
Google Play

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