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Easy Grocery Shopping List

Easy Grocery Shopping List

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Easy Grocery Shopping List Easy Grocery Shopping List Easy Grocery Shopping List Easy Grocery Shopping List Easy Grocery Shopping List Easy Grocery Shopping List

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Easy shopping list with sorting, grouping, uploading, and last time item bought.
Grocery shopping list allows you to sort by date last bought and categories to easily itemize your grocery list.
Upload a file from your phone with your shopping list.
Download your shopping list as a backup
Create your own Locations - 01-fruit, 02-Meat, etc
Create your own Items Carrots, Bread, etc
Set your own color scheme
Easily toggle between buy / not buy while shopping. Once 'bought' unclicked items can move out of sight leaving just items to buy in view.
Organize your list by isles or shopping areas as you travel through your supermarket.
See quickly when you last bought an item up to 30 days on a progress bar and resets automatically once clicked.
Easy to see while in the supermarket with large text and few distractions.
Speedview option for slower phones. NOTE: If speedview is black then use the menu to choose colors, close speedview and restart it.
Use the Cellphones Options menu to set the sorting style
Save the sorting style you choose
1 The default is to sort by location with the items alphabetical
2 Sort by the days you last bought the item from the most recent to the longest ago.
3 The next option is the reverse of the above, from the longest ago to the most recent
4 Alphabetically sorted A to Z
These last two options for sorting are practical, click on the buy button and see the fields resort automatically.
5 Sort by items you don't want to buy. IE: Items not clicked.
6 Sort by items you want first.
There are ADD DELETE and EDIT buttons on the second screen. They work without providing any message box feedback.
To add just type in a new entry and click ADD.
To delete, just hit the DELETE button and exit the screen it will be removed automatically.
Make new Categories (Locations)
Create your own LOCATIONS, start them with a number 1, 2, 3, etc. Such as 1-Hotdog 2-Burgers 3-Fries.
Create new categories (locations) when you make new entries or just modify existing entries. They get added to your list. Then use it by pulling down the spinner with a new item in the edit window.
Instructions and description on the link

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Android 1.6.0 以上

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