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Gurps Calculator Gurps Calculator Gurps Calculator Gurps Calculator Gurps Calculator Gurps Calculator

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A set of tools any player or GM would appreciate! No frills. No annoying sound effects. It's just you and beautiful, beautiful data in a sweet high contrast heaven.
Tools are being added and refined all the time, please try and comment!
Remember that I cannot address concerns through comments, so please email me with any response required thoughts!
Collision Damage
Combat Roller
Dice Roller
HP/FP Tracker
Jumping Distance
Throwing Distance
A big thanks goes to the GURPS forum members over at Steve Jackson Games for their input and testing.
This app is completely free and will always remain so. It is my thanks to you for helping keep this wonderful business and game going. If you want to help support this app please simply buy a GURPS product and we'll call it even.
NOTE: This app will ask for permissions to RETRIEVE RUNNING APPLICATIONS.This is for the app to recognize which screen you are currently on so that when you press the back button you don't simply exit straight out of the app entirely, and instead go back to the main menu. The only way to exit the app with the back button is by being on the main menu. Thank you for understanding this permission.
Recent Changes for 2.1
HP/FP Tracker
- There was a bug fixed with these values being cleared out when the user exited the screen by a means other than the back button.
Jumping Distance
- Metric values for the High jump have been fixed.
Combat Roller
- Textboxes here now turn yellow to denote unsaved data. Leaving the combat screen with unsaved data will prompt a warning.
Throwing Distance
- Fixed a bug that did not allow ST 1 or 2 to operate correctly.
Dice Roller
-Changed "X" to mean multiplication and added a "#" box for number of time you wish to roll.
All Screens
- Fixed focus order of textboxes so clicking next go top left to bottom right.
- Changed unit of measurement to DP to account of small screen sizes. This solves the "run off" problem people are seeing on smaller screens.
- Added option to keep phone awake as long as in the app.
Keywords: GURPS, Steve Jackson Games, RPG, Pen and Paper, Dice Roll

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Android 2.0 以上

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