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Emoji Codec free

Emoji Codec free

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Emoji Codec free Emoji Codec free Emoji Codec free Emoji Codec free

Emoji Codec free 描述

The pro version is now supporting emoji2 ( iOS 6 emoji)


★Attention Please read: This is a codec, it doesn't modify your system. It encode and decode emoji icon, you see emoji in this app but NOT in other apps unless the other apps support it (i.e. Google Buzz, Cicada).

★Now decodes iOS 5 emoji

★Please use MultiLing if you want better keyboard mode.

★Now integrated with soft keyboards such as MultiLing, Simeji, OpenWnn/flick, OpenWnn plus via "Mushroom" extension.

The way you encode and decode it is via "Copy & paste" or share (Twitter, Facebook, Email...) ! Please see demo to learn how to do it.


If you want to hack your phone to see emoji, you can "root" it and then install emoji font to it. Google "emoji font root".

When trying SMS, please note that many network carriers will corrupt emoji text especially when emoji being sent across networks. Please understand that I cannot fix network carrier's problem.

If this app works for you, congratulations!

If not, please help me understand your problem by email me this information:

1. Your Android model and make.

2. Sender and receiver network carrier.

3. The app that you use with emoji

4. Your country

emotion emoticon Goomoji 表情 絵文字 smiley face iphone

Emoji Codec free 更新内容


★Now decodes iOS 5 emoji

★installation crash fixed


Emoji Codec free 历史版本

Emoji Codec free 使用技巧

Emoji Codec free 信息

系统工具 输入法
Android 2.1.0 以上

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