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Astro Panel Astronomy

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Astro Panel Astronomy Astro Panel Astronomy Astro Panel Astronomy

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Highly detailed astronomy weather forecast. Never miss a clear sky again!Astronomy weather forecast. Forecast data is from 7Timer and includes:- Cloud cover- Seeing- Transparency- Humidity- Wind- Temperature- Lunar Phase- Lunar Altitude- ISS Passes (automatically localised)- Support for GPS-only devices- Support for devices with no location services (manual long/lat entry)- NEW overview graphicThis lightweight astronomy app detects your location and uses it to instantly give you a forecast that is highly localized and works worldwide.***Uses 7Timer's Astro Panel to achieve this (see http://7timer.y234.cn). The forecast grid and key are loaded directly from this website***Please note I am not affiliated with 7Timer in any way.Please contact me with any bugs/feedback!About 7Timer------------7Timer!, pronounced as "Tri-Timer", means "bell of clear sky" in Chinese. It is a series of meteorological forecast products. Most of the products base on a numeric weather model from NOAA/NCEP, called GFS, and aim on short-term (up to 16 days) weather forecast service for special purpose, for example, astronomical activities, or meteorological condition assessment. 7Timer! was first introduced in mid 2005 and has been revised for better fitting of public service operation in mid 2008. It's first designed as a weather forecast tool for astronomical purpose, as the author himself is a long-term astronomer and is always annoyed by fluky weather conditions.

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Android 1.5.0 以上
Shibby Developments

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