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Link My World Link My World Link My World Link My World Link My World Link My World

Link My World 描述

How many Mike's or Jane's are there in your Phonebook? Does your Phonebook or Contacts app tell you how each Mike or Jane is related to you?
You want to call Mr. Peter's son who works for Apple. Well, you can't find out who is Mr. Peter's son by looking at your Phonebook. Even if you could, the Phonebook doesn't know which son of Peter works for Apple! Link My World is here to solve these problems.. to make your busy life a bit easier..
Link My world - A new and intuitive way to save all your data in your phone. Link each entry with all related ones. Tag it the way you like. Go ahead and create your own names for tags and relations. And trace the relations.. even your friend Peter's eldest son's chauffer!
Go ahead and add whatever tags and relations you fancy. It is your world. It is your own Personal Social Network, right on your phone. It is private, it is personal, it is never ever uploaded anywhere. You don't have to trust any server or company, yet you don't need to remember all those relations anymore and you will never forget which Mike's or Jane's number is on your phone.
You can also directly make calls or text or email them from Link My World. You can even store locations so that you will never forget how to get to Peter's place in the suburbs.
联系我的世界 - 一个新的,直观的方式将所有数据保存在手机中。链路与所有相关的人每个条目。它标记你喜欢的方式。来吧,标签和关系创建你自己的名字。和跟踪关系。即使你的朋友彼得长子的chauffer!

Link My World 更新内容

-> Added a tutorial (text & video)
-> Added Interactive Mode for learning to use LinkMyWorld
-> Added feedback from inside the app
-> Long click is given in gallery so that the user add,modify,delete from the gallery itself in one step.
-> Attributes renamed as tags
-> Texting (SMS) bug fixed when more than 160 characters, have fixed that.
-> With a single select, message can be sent through default messaging app.
-> In sync phonebook , if already present then it merges phone number into it.

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Android 2.2.x 以上
Google Play

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