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Vampire Live Wallpaper

Vampire Live Wallpaper

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Vampire Live Wallpaper 截图

Vampire Live Wallpaper Vampire Live Wallpaper Vampire Live Wallpaper

Vampire Live Wallpaper 描述

Add the seductive mystery of vampires to your phone with this enchanting wallpaper. A vampire girl holds a bleeding red rose as rose pedals fall all around her. Will she find love? Will she forever be alone because of the curse she bares? Either way this wallpaper will make your phone look great.

This is not some cheap, looped video or GIF image like so many of the competitors. This is a high quality, thinking, ever changing, live wallpaper. SamTec is proud to produce the highest quality visual applications for your device, and when you download SamTec software, you get the best.

***If your having force close problems with this wallpaper, the problem likely exists within your phone. The Vampire Live Wallpaper behaves differently on every phone. This is especially true for the free version, which is deliberately limited and comes with ads. Its is possible the combination of those elements is responsible for any possible crashes. If you are one of the rare people experiencing crashes, SamTec recommends purchasing the pro-version of the Vampire Live Wallpaper for 99¢. It is the same wallpaper, but with no limitations, ads, and with options to change how the wallpaper looks & performs. The pro-version will never crash, because it is built cleaner, and has anti-crashing features worked into it (unlike the free version). The pro-version is also battery conscious, automatically suspending function when the screen is off, or when you are not viewing the wallpaper (a feature also lacking in this free version).

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手机美化 壁纸
Android 2.3.7 以上

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