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CardShake(business card, NFC)

CardShake(business card, NFC)

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CardShake(business card, NFC) 截图

CardShake(business card, NFC) CardShake(business card, NFC) CardShake(business card, NFC) CardShake(business card, NFC) CardShake(business card, NFC) CardShake(business card, NFC)

CardShake(business card, NFC) 描述

CardShake is a smartphone application that creates, exchanges, and also manages exchanged electronic business card (eBC).
CardShake is a very popular free application which is distributed through Apple store and it is used by 100,000 users from all over the world since October 2010.
We are introducing a new Android version to you.
We improved user interface by adding a main menu screen so that users can easily figure out the functions of CardShake.
Now exchange eBC with your friends and business partners instead of paper business cards and throw away your paper business card from your wallet.
Looking forward to a world where no paper business card is necessary!!!!
※ CardShake supports an exchanging between devices with the same OS platform.
(For example, iPhone to iPhone, Android to Android.)
There are the following features.
- You need to create your own business card only once and then exchange with others, which means you do not need to scan or recognize paper business card from others.
- To exchange eBC, CardShake has to be installed in the smartphone of the other party.
- eBC can be automatically exchanged by shaking smartphones at the same time.
- CardShake supports multi language platforms.
- Young people who do not have business cards can create an Avatar eBC.
- CardShake helps to recognize other parties by exchanging face photos.
- Convenient facilities like text messaging, calling, map navigation, SNS, and connection to web sites are provided.
- Fast and convenient search by adding tags to the exchanged eBC.
- You can record short memos about situations and purposes of meetings in CardShake.
- You can import and export the address book of the smartphone and photos can be inserted into the phone list.
- You can import and export address book of MS Outlook.
- 你需要创建自己的名片,只有一次,然后与他人交换,这意味着你不需要别人扫描或识别纸质名片。
- 交换EBC,CardShake安装在另一方的智能手机。
- EBC可以在同一时间通过晃动智能手机自动交换。
- CardShake支持多语言平台。
- 年轻人谁没有名片可以创建一个头像EBC。
- 有助于识别CardShake其他各方通过交换人脸照片。
- 提供的便利设施,如通话,短信,地图导航,SNS,以及连接到网站。
- 快速和方便的搜索,通过添加标记交换EBC。
- 您可以记录短在CardShake会议备忘录有关情况和目的。
- 您可以导入和导出电话清单可以插入智能手机的地址簿和照片。
- 您可以导入和导出地址簿中的MS Outlook。

CardShake(business card, NFC) 更新内容

- Backup / Restore supported
> Google Drive used. Require google account.
- Bug fixed
> Fixed an issue where do not see the picture in contacts.
> The problem of application exit at the taking pictures.
> Other bug fixes.

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CardShake(business card, NFC) 信息

Android 2.2.x 以上
Google Play

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