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Cartoon Fart Sounds

Cartoon Fart Sounds

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Cartoon Fart Sounds Cartoon Fart Sounds Cartoon Fart Sounds Cartoon Fart Sounds Cartoon Fart Sounds Cartoon Fart Sounds Cartoon Fart Sounds

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Cartoon Fart Sound is certainly the best animal farting app for Android devices!Farting sounds are funny, crazy and embarrassing so they are ideal for having fun with your friends.Do you or your children chuckle at the sound of a fart? Want to know what a cow or monkey fart might sound like?Well, then, this is the app for you! Cartoon Fart Sounds will make you and your children giggle uncontrollably like, well, children.With this app you will be able to make jokes by generating fart sounds. Are you bored in that impossible to stand lesson? Do you want to become quite scatological in the middle of a party? Try one of these sounds and then look very closely at that guy at the elevator. With this collection of fart sounds you will be the laugh-master in your gang!The limit is your imagination!To use, simply tap on your favorite zoo animal to hear the hilarious noise!Just try it out and you will love it!If you like this App, don’t forget to rate us!! Also Leave your Comments, this will motivate us…Last but not the Least, share this Game with your friends!

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Revised as per Google play policy terms
Improved User Interface
Advanced Ads Enabled
SDK Updated to the Latest Version
Enabled New YouTube Video

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Android 2.3.2 以上

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