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Hypothesis Based Testing

Hypothesis Based Testing

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Hypothesis Based Testing Hypothesis Based Testing Hypothesis Based Testing

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Hypothesis Based Testing (HBT) is a scientific personal test methodology that is unique in its approach to ensuring cleanliness of software. The objective of HBT is to slash test costs/support costs, ease integration and accelerate development.

This handy guide provides a solid overview of what drives the six stages of the HBT methodology in eight short learning topics:

• Introduction to Hypothesis-Based Testing
• Stage 1: Identify Cleanliness Criteria
• Stage 2: Uncover Potential Defect Types
• Stage 3: Purposeful Categorisation
• Stage 4: Complete Test Cases
• Stage 5: Sensible Automation
• Stage 6: Goal-Directed Measurements
• Conclusion: The Six Stages of HBT

The central principle of the HBT test methodology is constructing a hypothesis of potential defects that may be probable and then scientifically proving/disproving them. It is not a process system; rather it is a methodology for an individual to deliver clean software.

If you’re curious about how HBT can significantly reduce the number of defect escapes in your products, increase your test coverage, reduce support costs or drive a significant increase in ROI for test automation, download this free app to learn more.

Developer web page: http://www.epicentre.co.uk/

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