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Just Take Five_1 Just Take Five_1 Just Take Five_1

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Impact Your Short Breaks With the Sounds And Songs of the Humpback Whales Enjoy!

Yuppdie invites you to learn how to relax during your breaks and free time using the free Android app of sounds and songs of the humpback whales for effective and efficient relaxation in office. When you use the free app during your breaks you will be more focused, calmer and far more confident. Ready, set, go! To impact your short breaks, download your free app today. To your breaks! Thanks for downloading and please review! Enjoy!

The upcoming apps will be in german and english language with a guided imagery program, breathing techniques and mindfulness exercises.

About me:

Yuppdie is an artist who blends in chill-out music and meditational sound with rap and hip hop, focusing in producing music in german and english language.

Her music deals with attitude and behavior, trying to help the listeners to focus on their goal and reaching a higher performance level in whatever field they are active in.

Yuppdie is busy producing a several records, each exploring a different brand of sound and with the aim to achieve different goals:

A series of motivational-rap songs by the name "Rap Away" fond of attitudinal, social-based lyrics.

"Sightseein'" is a winning combination of music and visuals: a relaxing meditational soundtrack carries listener on a journey over some of the world's most famous meditational sites on our planet, exploring the most different cultures from 5 continents.

"Just take five in office" is an aid record consisting in a series of quick exercises to improve one's potential through music, and last but not least, "10 Things Remix" is no less than a smooth chill-out album full of ambient and atmosphere.

Check out Yuppdie's playlists on iTunes PING http://c.itunes.apple.com/de/profile/id-25220 - ENJOY!

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Android 2.2.x 以上

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