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Blobble Write Lite

Blobble Write Lite

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Blobble Write Lite Blobble Write Lite Blobble Write Lite Blobble Write Lite

Blobble Write Lite 描述

Learn to write letters and numbers with the blobbles.
'Blobble Write Lite' is a free trial version of our 'Blobble Write' app. This lite version allows children to practise writing six random letters from the alphabet. The full version of this app, 'Blobble Write', gives unrestricted access to all letters in upper and lower case.
Children can copy the blobbles as they trace out the correct way to write letters and numbers.
- Letter shapes are based on a font specially created for children learning to read and write.
- Phonic letter sounds to help children associate letters and pronunciation.
- Bright and colourful graphics.
- Audio and visual feedback to help correct mistakes.
- Easy to navigate user interface.
- Set in the kid friendly BlobbleWorld universe.
** Adobe AIR is required to run this app. If AIR is not already installed on your device then you will automatically be given the option to install it. **

Blobble Write Lite 更新内容

- Rating Blobble Write Lite on the Android Market using the in app button unlocks six more random letters.
- Bug fix to make the app scale correctly across small and large screen sizes.

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Android 2.2.x 以上
Google Play

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