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Want to learn which makeup colors are most complimentary for you and your coloring? Harness the knowledge of professional make-up artists and quickly discover which colors look best on you with MakeUp Pro for Android. MakeUp Pro is an easy-to-use virtual personal makeup artist app designed to take the guess work out of makeup with customized makeup palette, makeup tips and other beauty resources. Eye shadow, lipstick, blush, liners, foundation, mascara … using our specialized makeup artist color algorithm, MakeUp Pro generates highly specific, virtual color palettes to help every girl achieve a desired look. Our continually updated “Look Menu” provides a list of various profile specific palettes to ensure you look your best in any situation.Create, customize and save your profile by choosing your skin, eye, and hair color. MakeUp Pro will quickly take your information and design professional virtual makeup palettes tailored to your profile.Discover how to play up your eyes, create that flawless complexion and the perfect pout. Read sample makeup tips used by professional makeup artists to help you achieve the look you are going for.Learn about new makeup tools and supplies every girl should have in their beauty arsenal. MakeUp Pro offers tips and advice on maintaining your makeup supplies and tools with our Kit Basics.MakeUp Pro's additional features include the ability to preview and e-mail your personalized palette colors to yourself, makeup tips for each personalized palette, and preview your look using professional makeup charts. MakeUp Pro also offers online purchasing of your favorite products from the most popular brands in cosmetics.Save time at the makeup counter by knowing exactly which colors are right for you. Gain the professional know-how with MakeUp Pro’s makeup tips and kit basics to look your very best. MakeUp Pro is your virtual personal makeup artist.

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