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MadMath has a simple method to it

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Mad Math Free Mad Math Free Mad Math Free Mad Math Free Mad Math Free Mad Math Free Mad Math Free

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MadMath has a simple method to its madness! You score points by finding and calculating three-number equations anywhere on the game board. The object is to score as many points as you can as the clock ticks down. Sound easy? Trust us, it’s not as easy as you think and you will go mad trying to find the answers. If you get stuck you can always use the Hint button, but that will elicit a chorus of “boos” that will make you even madder. But don’t get mad, get MadMath!
This fun Android game isn’t complicated at all, but it will definitely challenge your mental muscles. From beginners to geniuses, everyone will find value in this mind blowing, brain teasing game.It’s a brainteaser that would make Mad Max even madder!
Requires Android 2.2 and Adobe Air 2.6 be installed on your mobile device.
MadMath is an entertaining brain game and one of the best mobile apps for download to your smartphone. It is an addictive, brain twisting entertainment puzzle. Basically it is a cool game for mobile phones and smart game for adults with no age limit or language barrier. Download and play it alone, or play against family and friends - they will love it just as much as you. MadMath is destined to be a classic game.
If you enjoy playing fun puzzles, challenging card or tile games like scrabble, mahjong, dominoes, or strategy games like checkers and chess, you will love to play this easy math game. MadMath is a great mental workout, brain exercise, educational puzzle, party game, game for adults and family game. Build brainpower, boost IQ score, and improve logic skills with this entertaining game that challenges your mind. A fun learning game that is one of the best game for your smart phone.
• Speed up your ability to perform calculations quickly
• Builds and sharpens logical deduction and reasoning
• Develop concentration and focus
• No language barrier – can be played and understood by entire world
所需的Andr​​oid版本2.2和Adobe AIR 2.6将在移动设备上安装。
MadMath是一个有趣的大脑游戏,下载到您的智能手机最好的移动应用程序之一。这是一个令人上瘾,大脑扭曲的娱乐谜题。基本上它是一个很酷的游戏手机和智能游戏,成人无年龄限制或语言障碍。下载并播放它独自一人,或对战的家人和朋友 - 他们会喜欢它丝毫不亚于你。 MadMath注定是一个经典的游戏。
如果你喜欢玩拼图的乐趣,挑战卡或平铺游戏,如拼字游戏,麻将,骨牌,或者战略游戏,如跳棋和国际象棋,你一定会喜欢玩这个简单的数学游戏。 MadMath是一个伟大的精神锻炼,脑锻炼,教育益智,派对游戏,游戏为成人和家庭游戏。建立脑力,提高智商,提高逻辑能力与这个有趣的游戏,挑战你的头脑。一个有趣的学习游戏,是为你的智能手机最好的游戏之一。
•无语言障碍 - 可以播放和整个世界的理解

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Android 2.2.x 以上

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