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Comete for FlightGear

Comete for FlightGear

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Comete for FlightGear 截图

Comete for FlightGear Comete for FlightGear Comete for FlightGear Comete for FlightGear

Comete for FlightGear 描述

Comete for FlightGear enables the user to use their Android devices to control FlightGear over wireless network with the use of built-in accelerometer sensors. Comete for FlightGear supersedes Alni FlightGear Control.

Current features:
-Generic aircraft control
--10 steps of flaps
--Throttle support up to 12 engines
--Brake toggle button
--Throttle reverser toggle
-Polished UI
--Auto-fading controls on inactivity
--Screen stays awake
--No icons that will get in the way of user experience
--Diagnostic window at top-center
--Visual orientation gauges at left-center and right-center
-Connection stays awake after screen orientation change

NOTE: This application is still in beta, so bugs will appear and it may not be fully functional.

IMPORTANT! As of version 0.3b, the Comete project is now open source licensed under the GPLv3 license (project path: http://code.google.com/p/comete/)

Comete for FlightGear 更新内容


-Added engine control screen (thanks to brisa)

-Only polls FlightGear for events when needed (Performance boost, brisa)

-Added settings menu (brisa)

-Added calibration of sensors (brisa)

-Added button to reconnect to previous host (brisa)

-Prop and Mixture controls at the Engine screen (brisa)

-Toggle button for Parking Brake (Engine screen, brisa)

-Toggle button for Gear down (Engine screen, brisa)

-Toggle button for Auto-coordination (Engine screen, brisa)

-Rudder slider (Main screen, brisa)

Comete for FlightGear 历史版本

Comete for FlightGear 使用技巧

Comete for FlightGear 信息

 0.5 Beta
Android 2.2.x 以上
Alexander Nilsen

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