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BubbleID - Colorful Bubbles

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BubbleID - Colorful Bubbles BubbleID - Colorful Bubbles BubbleID - Colorful Bubbles BubbleID - Colorful Bubbles BubbleID - Colorful Bubbles BubbleID - Colorful Bubbles

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BubbleID - Assign Colored Bubbles to Your Favorite Contacts
BubbleID is specially designed for android users to customize incoming notifications for specific contacts. It assigns colorful bubbles to maximum twenty contacts for SMS, MMS, and Missed Calls. With a simple glance at your screen, you will not only know whether it is a SMS or a call, you will also know who sent you this SMS/call.
BubbleID allows you to import your favorite contact from your Contacts and assign colored bubbles to his/her notifications. After import, you can select a favorite color from the available bubbles for this contact, preview the SMS, MMS, Missed Calls bubble notifications from the preview function, and save this contact to BubbleID as everything is set as needed. On device locked state, when this contact sends you a new notification, BubbleID will pop up the selected color bubble on the screen, reminding you of who sent you this notification and what type of notification it is (SMS, MMS, Missed Calls).
Besides these, BubbleID also has a series of customization settings for bubble notification. Bubbles can be set to automatically stop after a specified interval; and the moving speed of bubbles can be set to different value thus to make the popping on screen more beautiful. In addition, BubbleID can be automatically turned on/off after you set Auto Enable/Disable BubbleID time. Disable BubbleID on low battery helps to dismiss bubble notifications at specified battery condition.
Product Features:
* Twenty colors available to set bubble notifications for your favorite contacts
* Different types of bubble for different notifications: SMS&MMS, Missed Call
* Preview bubbles before set
* Bubble notification is fully customizable and can be set to automatically stop after a specified time
* To save battery, BubbleID service can also be set to automatically
- start and stop at specified time
- stop when battery is below a certain level
For more information about BubbleID, please visit our website www.androidcap.com.

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Android 2.0 以上

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