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Habitlog - Habit Builder

Habitlog - Habit Builder

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Habitlog - Habit Builder Habitlog - Habit Builder Habitlog - Habit Builder Habitlog - Habit Builder Habitlog - Habit Builder Habitlog - Habit Builder

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Habitlog - Accompanies you to develop a good habit!

Do you always feel yourself being stuffed by various bothering matters, and have no time to achieve a target which you want? Once you have a realistic goal, you will need something more than a complete plan - to bring the plan into practical reliable action!

Habitlog provides the most core help in these areas! Doing things step by step will give you far more help than doing them only with interests and passions. You only need to develop a good habit, you will soon find the process of achieving goals becomes easier and easier.

What can Habitlog do?
This software is dedicated to helping you improve and overcome the obstinate procrastination, and let you act immediately to achieve your target! Whether you are a busy person wanting to improve your efficiency, or a hardworking person who would like to achieve a certain goal, you can easily and quickly make a plan for any long-term event of your life or your work with Habitlog on hand, such as: a daily 2-hour reading plan, a daily 3-hour swimming training plan, or a 1-hour yoga training plan every two days and so on!

How Habitlog will help?
It only costs you one minute to make the plan. It will remind you to carry out the action of plan at the moment of the day, and then accompany you to implement it. If you are an efficient business man, you could also use it as a periodical memo.

After each implementation, Habitlog provides you with a result massage, record the results in the data tables and a coordinate point will be drawn in the graph. You will see your achievements clearly after several days.

- Fresh green UI hints you a healthy, optimistic, active and rational Lifestyle
- Full-touch screen lets you make plans easily and lively
- Three independent modules - "Making new plans", "Plans Management" and "Reports" make operation quick and in order
- Simple operation enables you to be clear of all plans and relevant reports at a glance!
- Active resources and information module with locker-plant style in the main interface gives you real-time information support
- If you want, the unique alarm mode reminds you before the plan every time

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Android 2.0.0 以上
DailyYoga Inc.

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