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两周天气Meteored 两周天气Meteored 两周天气Meteored 两周天气Meteored 两周天气Meteored 两周天气Meteored

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Weather 14 days is completely FREE with the latest weather information for USA and the rest of the world. Featuring detailed 14 day forecasts, maps, satellites and radar. Compatible with any Android smartphone or tablet. Hailed by fans meteorology, the app features a modern layout based around Google’s Material Design making it very quick and easy to use.
- Customize the app with your favorite locations like New York, Washington, San Francisco, Los Angeles ...or foreign cities such as Barcelona, Paris, London... We have over 450,000 locations all around the world for you to choose from.
- Follow Me! Use WIFI or GPS to find forecasts relevant to your current location.
- Customize your smartphone with our widgets, display temperature in your notification bar and select your preferred units such as Celsius, Fahrenheit or Kelvin.
- Download the app for free and access the latest high quality forecasts. Use the app to integrate with Google Now and receive Google Now cards featuring our weather data.
-Check the daily forecast screen to see current weather conditions along with the main forecast information for the next 14 days. Browse between your favorite locations with a simple swipe of your finger and remember...the background color of the app changes depending on temperature conditions.
- Select a day to view detailed hourly weather information including temperature, rainfall, humidity, pressure, wind speed and direction as well as sunrise and sunset times and even the phase of the moon.
- Don’t forget to try turning your smartphone sideways for the best view of our informative weather graphics, probably the best channel to check the weather variations.
- Check the latest official weather warnings for USA, England, Spain, France, Portugal, Italy, Germany... USA alerts provided by National Weather Service.
- Receive optional notifications relating to weather warnings in the regions of your favorite locations without the need to open the app.
- Check our animated forecast maps detailing temperature, rainfall, cloudiness and pressure for USA along with the rest of the world.
- Watch animated Radar maps detailing recent and current rainfall with information provided by the NWS. These maps feature standard pinch/zoom capability allowing you to zoom in and out smoothly.
- View the latest weather satellite images provided by NOAA
- Once you’ve installed Weather 14 days why not customize your Mobile Desktop with our great looking widgets. Get the current conditions updated hourly along with the forecast for the following days.
- Choose between four different widgets: 4x1, 4x2 and 2x2 (Analog Clock Widget) and our new 4x2 widget with Digital clock and current forecast.
- Share weather information with your friends and family anytime using social networks sites like WhatsApp, Facebook and Twitter.
- App available for USA, France, Spain, United Kingdom, Portugal, Deutschland, Netherlands, Canada, Mexico, Italy, Brazil, Australia, New Zealand, Russia and many more.
- Available languages include English, Spanish, French, Dutch, Portuguese, Polish, Russian, Hindi, Romanian, Turkish etc…
- 自定义与纽约,华盛顿,旧金山,洛杉矶......或外国城市如巴塞罗那,巴黎,伦敦你最喜欢的位置应用程序......我们有世界各地超过45万的地点供您选择。
- 跟着我!使用WiFi或GPS找到有关您的当前位置预测。
- 与我们的小部件定制您的智能手机,显示温度在通知栏并选择您喜欢的单位,比如摄氏,华氏或开尔文。
- 免费下载应用程序,并访问最新的高品质的预测。使用该应用与谷歌现在集成和接收谷歌现在拥有卡我们的天气数据。
- 检查每天的预测屏幕上看到与未来14天主要预测信息以及当前天气状况。用手指简单的刷卡你最喜欢的位置之间浏览并记住...的取决于温度条件下的应用程序的背景颜色。
- 选择一天来查看详细的每小时的天气信息,包括温度,雨量,湿度,压力,风速和风向,以及日出和日落时间,月亮甚至阶段。
- 不要忘记尝试侧身转向智能手机为我们的天气信息的图形,可能要检查的天气变化的最佳渠道的最佳视角。
- 检查美国,英国,西班牙,法国,葡萄牙,意大利,德国......由国家气象局提供美国报警最新的官方天气警报。
- 接收关于天气在自己喜欢的位置的区域的警告,而无需打开应用程序可选的通知。
- 检查我们的动画预报图,详细说明温度,降水,云量和压力为美国与世界其他国家一起。
- 观看动画雷达地图,详细说明最近和目前的降雨由NWS提供的信息。这些地图具有标准捏/变焦能力让您放大和缩小的顺利进行。
- 看诺阿提供最新的天气卫星图像
- 一旦你安装了天气14天为什么不与我们的非常好看的小部件定制你的手机桌面。获取与随后几天的预测沿每小时更新当前的条件。
4X1,4×2×2和(模拟时钟小工具)以及我们与数字时钟和当前预测新的4×2窗口小部件: - 四个不同部件之间进行选择。
- 与您的朋友和家人随时随地使用社交网络网站如WhatsApp的,Facebook和Twitter分享天气信息。
- 应用程序可用于美国,法国,西班牙,英国,葡萄牙,德国,荷兰,加拿大,墨西哥,意大利,巴西,澳大利亚,新西兰,俄罗斯和许多。
- 可用的语言包括英语,西班牙语,法语,荷兰语,葡萄牙语,波兰语,俄语,印地文,罗马尼亚,土耳其等...

两周天气Meteored 更新内容

- Now you can use on your Android Wear !!!
- Support for Android 7 (Nougat).
- New information: Ultraviolet Index and Dew Point.
- Notification of Personal Assistant that tells you important changes for the next day.
- Notification of weather conditions, to warn in advance of the phenomenon you prefer (Storm, moderate rain, etc ...)
- New images for sharing on your social networks.
- Significant improvements in predictions download service (less consumption and faster data)

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生活实用工具 效率办公 天气
Android 2.3.3 以上



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