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Ever had your mobile ring during an important meeting? Well, not anymore! Save yourself the embarrassment using In-Meeting Manager...

In-Meeting Manager is an app that monitors the calendars synced in your Android phone and puts the phone in silent mode during meetings if you are in office. The app can handle incoming calls during the meeting based on user configured caller groups and their corresponding call response actions. The phone returns to its previous mode post the meeting.

Detailed features of the app:

1. Application can be turned on/off.

2. Monitors calendars synced on your phone: Phone, Google & Exchange configured in Android. [The calendar sync should be done by the respective calendar app.]

3. Users can choose between Vibrate or Silent as the phone profile (ringer mode) during meetings.

4. Users can configure the calendar polling interval.

5. Users can set their office location - the phone will go into silent mode only if the user is in office during the meeting.

6. Office location monitoring can be turned OFF as well.

7. Users can organize their contacts to 3 groups based on the action the app can currently take in response to incoming calls during meetings - SMS Auto-Reply, Vibrate and Ring. [Please note - a contact can be added to only one group.]

8. For SMS Auto-Reply, the SMS text that would be sent to the caller would be "Sorry, could not take your call. In a meeting. Will call you back after 'meeting end time'".

9. The user can end an ongoing meeting. The phone would come back to its previous mode. This helps in case of meetings getting canceled.

10. After the meeting, a notification can be provided to the user of the calls that the app handled during the meeting. Through this UI, users can quickly return calls that they missed.

11. Through the notification UI, users can also refine their contact groups by adding contacts who have not yet been added to any group.

Upcoming features:

1. Monitor online calendars - Google, Exchange, etc

2. Set and monitor multiple work locations.

3. SMS templates for SMS Auto-Reply.


1. This app is tested and supported on Android versions 2.1, 2.2 and 2.3.

2. This app is *not* tested on Android 3.0 and above.

3. Calendar features are not guaranteed to work on all phones and across future versions of Android. In case of issues or suggestions, please e-mail 'just-4-android@googlegroups.com' with details. [Thanks!]


1. If the phone does *NOT* go into silent mode during meetings, please try by turning Office location monitoring OFF.

2. If the phone does *not* vibrate during meetings, go to the phone's Sound Settings and try setting the Vibrate option to 'Always'.

In-Meeting Manager 更新内容


1. Users can now choose between Vibrate or Silent as the phone profile (ringer mode) during meetings.

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Android 2.1.0 以上
Subramanian T S

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