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Slow Motion Camera

Slow Motion Camera

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Slow Motion Camera Slow Motion Camera Slow Motion Camera Slow Motion Camera

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‘Slow motion camera’ helps to take high resolution videos which can be played back in slow motion. Are you filming a fast or instant action like the end of a race or balloon being popped or your friend being smashed with a cake on his face? No matter why you want to play a video in slow motion, the ‘Slow motion camera’ helps you to achieve the effect, which you wanted. You can replay it in the speed, as you wish. It may be for professional use or just a gag use, you can use this tool to get high quality slow motion videos through your mobile. You need not have any costly video camera to perform this action. All you need is your mobile and this app on your mobile. To learn more about ‘Slow motion camera’ and its features, download and install this app on your mobile, immediately.

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摄影图像 美化 相机 搞怪 图像编辑 相册
Android 2.3.7 以上

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