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Quit Smoking Free

Quit Smoking Free

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Quit Smoking Free Quit Smoking Free Quit Smoking Free Quit Smoking Free

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Audio signals that stops body addiction of nicotine.
You can try this app when you feel a cigarette desire, during one day trial. The app creates signals that stops the nicotine desire. When you are doing the effort to quit or reduce smoking, the body desires nicotine, and gives an annoying discomfort . With this app, the speaker will emits special beeps that relaxes the “Nicotine hungry” of the body. You can keep the volume of this app very low (subliminal) and it will give the same effect. Specific audio waves are produced by this application, they transmits the body a feeling of contentment. This audio signals stimulates brain waves of fulfillment and stops body addiction of nicotine. Do not play this app before meals, it can reduce the normal appetite. This app generates low frequencies , and is different from electronic cigarette, or e-cigarette that generates ultrasonics . It generates brainwaves signals, mono, you may use it with the built in speaker or headphones. Is not bineural sound. The use of this app is very simple, joust keep playing this app whenever you feel, at low volume, keeping your device close to you, for example in the pocket. When you feel a desire of a cigarette play this app for 10-20min, and it will be easier for you to quit smoking . Playing this app make easier to stop this insane habit. The body will not feel the need of nicotine, and will not disturbs your will to quit smoking. If this method apply to you, during one day trial, you may buy the the full version to continue using it.

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Android 1.0 以上

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