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Bbot texts so you don't have to.
You can:
1) Set an auto-reply for when you are in a meeting, busy etc.
2) Set an auto-reply for a specific person. You can also send a special reply if the message contains certain words. For example, if your spouse texts, "love ya" it can reply "love you too". (capital letters matter)
3) Send texts at any time in the future (Thanks Ai chan for the idea)
4) Text or auto reply with your location.
5) Reads your texts out loud when you are driving.
6) Find your phone by texting a user defined word to your phone.
7) HaveBbot say whatever you want it to when the app opens.
The app must be open to work. It was designed this way as to not auto-reply when you don't want it to. To leave on, exit using the home button rather than the menu button. At this time, you have to exit using the menu button. I am working to fix this. Also this app depends on Google contacts. If you don't have that, it may not work.
Keep in mind, this is my first app so don't give it bad ratings if it doesn't work perfectly. Please let me know of any bugs or suggestions by emailing appsbyblake@gmail.com. Remember, this is a free app. If you don't like it, uninstall it. If you like it and want to support further apps, give my app good ratings or tell a friend.
Blake Hodgson

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Fixed bug in alarm text.

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Android 1.5 以上
Google Play



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