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Ball'n Stats - Trial

Ball'n Stats - Trial

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Ball'n Stats - Trial Ball'n Stats - Trial Ball'n Stats - Trial Ball'n Stats - Trial Ball'n Stats - Trial

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Ball’n Stats is a basketball statistics application that allows you to capture, track, and report game stats for multiple teams. All basic basketball statistical categories can be captured as well as individual players playing time and +/-, all of which allow for advanced statistical analytics such as efficiency, per minute ratings, true shooting percentages, etc. Capturing stats is easy and intuitive. Substitutions are handled by swiping players off the bench to the court and vice versa. To apply stats, simply select the player and touch the respective stat button. Identifying players is made even easier with integration to your devices contacts and their photo icons. Game results are saved until you decide to delete them and can be exported any time via email as a CSV attachment. You can then use a spreadsheet to do whatever custom formatting, manipulation, and posting of the statistics you choose. Ball’n Stats is an excellent tool for coaches and is perfect for school teams and city or club league teams who want add a little more excitement to their season. *** This trial version is for evaluation purposes and is handicapped to only allow two players on the court at a time. Which is great for 2 on 2 games but for anything else you'll want to purchase the full version. *** Ball'n统计是一个的篮球统计应用程序,允许您能够捕获,跟踪和报告多个团队的游戏统计。 所有基本的篮球技术统计可以捕获以及个别球员的上场时间和+ / - ,所有这些都让先进的统计分析,如效率,每分钟收视率,真实投篮命中率,等等。 捕获的统计是简单和直观。替换刷卡替补球员到法院,反之亦然处理。要应用统计,只需选择播放器和触摸相应的统计“按钮。识别玩家更容易的集成到您的设备的联系人和他们的照片图标。 游戏结果被保存,直到你决定将其删除,并可以导出为CSV附件随时通过电子邮件。然后,您可以使用电子表格做的任何自定义格式,处理和发布的统计您选择。 统计Ball'n是一个很好的教练和工具要添加多一点兴奋,他们本赛季的校队,城市或俱乐部联赛球队是完美的。 ***此试用版是用于评估目的,是个残疾人,只允许两名球员在球场上的时间。这是伟大的2对2的比赛,但为别的,你要购买完整版本。 ***

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体育竞技 足球 篮球 桌球 极限
Android 2.2.x 以上

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