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OpenGL First Person Demo

OpenGL First Person Demo

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OpenGL First Person Demo OpenGL First Person Demo OpenGL First Person Demo OpenGL First Person Demo

OpenGL First Person Demo 描述

This demo application is an example of what students will learn during their bachelor program of Mobile Computing at the Upper Austria University of Applied Sciences. It is only a
technical preview and not a fully grown product.
You can move through the scene using the phone's accelerometer. This should work for most of the phones. Use the touch display to look around and change your orientation. Double-tapping changes the density of the fog. Through the options menu, you can disable the fog and enable a spot light, which serves as a very basic flash light.
This application represents a small OpenGL engine students developed during their bachelor course in Mobile Games. The engine is quite simple. It features first-person movement through a walk-biased camera and a seperate matrix for looking around, moveable and animated objects, moving light sources, fog and stencil buffer shadows. This implementation is done with OpenGL ES 1.1 and the fixed function pipeline. If you are interested in the source code of the application, feel free to pass me a message.
First students learn how to interact with the fixed function pipeline, before they start to program for OpenGL ES 2.0 in an advanced course. Students learn how to use 2D and 3D coordinate systems, how to work with matrix transformations, how to texture and move things. In the advanced course they learn how to write shaders, how to implement shadow mapping, percentage closer filtering, bling-phong (per-pixel lighting) shading instead of gouraud shading (per-vertex lighting) and everything else they need in order to make a fully functional and efficient game engine.
此应用程序是一个很小的OpenGL引擎学生开发手机游戏在他们的学士学位课程。该发动机是相当简单的。它具有第一人称的运动,通过步行偏见的摄像头和一个单独的矩阵环顾四周,移动和动画的对象,移动光源,雾和模板缓冲阴影。这种实现是通过OpenGL ES 1.1和固定功能管线。如果你有兴趣在应用程序的源代码,可以自由地传递给我一个信息。
第一批学生学习如何与固定功能管线,才开始对OpenGL ES 2.0程序中的高级课程。学员将学习如何使用2D和3D坐标系统,如何使用矩阵变换,纹理和移动的东西。在先进的过程中,他们学会了如何编写着色器,如何实现阴影贴图,比例接近过滤,喜欢蓬逐像素光照阴影,而不是高洛德着色(每个顶点照明),为了使他们所需要的一切全面的功能和高效的游戏引擎。

OpenGL First Person Demo 更新内容

* The engine requires stencil buffers which might not be present on every device.
* Accelerometers are inverted on some devices. This app does not take this into account.
* BTW: I know that it is not the correct stencil function, this is to show the shadow of the cube as well ;-)

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Android 2.2.x 以上
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