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mobileGRIB light mobileGRIB light mobileGRIB light mobileGRIB light mobileGRIB light mobileGRIB light

mobileGRIB light 描述

Stable and rich GRIB2 viewer constantly updated with new, awesome features.

mobileGRIB light is a fully functional version with outdated GRIB files. To receive actual GRIB forecasts, please purchase the full version.

Full version description:

mobileGRIB is a GRIB2 viewer for Android. It enables sailors and hobby meteorologists to have detailed weather information always available. This is done by downloading GRIB files of any region of interest. Source for the Gridded Binaries is the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). Forecast times and variables can be chosen from pressure, wind arrows, temperature, cloud cover, humidity and precipitation for the upcoming 8 days between a resolution of 1° x 1° or, for even more detail, 0.5° x 0.5°. By selecting only what the user needs, this procedure will keep the size of the downloaded GRIB file low, making it especially convenient for low bandwidth regions covered only by Edge or GPRS networks, or simply regions with low cellular coverage.
Downloaded map tiles will be cached for offline use. This is why we highly recommend our users to browse through the desired area and zoom level before going offline, in order to always have the map tiles cached for offshore use.

Upcoming features:

* L and H signs for pressure
* Isotherms
* Waves
* Windmap
* Combined numerical data
* Weather Animation
* 16 days forecast
* and much, much more to be added..stay tuned!

mobileGRIB light 更新内容


* re-engineered fetch data dialog

* added 8 days forecast

* massive speed improvement of GRIB creation on server

* fixed sound muting on exit

* fixed grib reload on same area

* added numerical data

* remember position on exit

* changed coordinates to nautical values

* smaller corrections

mobileGRIB light 历史版本

mobileGRIB light 使用技巧

mobileGRIB light 信息

Android 2.1.0 以上

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