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IMPORTANT: This is the last release of X509Tools! We created a new fully functional email client which includes all features of X509Tools. So please install R2Mail2 from Google Play instead!
X509Tools was created on top of a proof of concept to provide S/MIME capabilities and X.509 certificate support to Android. It supports the decryption of S/MIME encrypted attachments (smime.p7m) and can send encrypted (and signed) emails. Please note that this is not an email client, the App only decrypts messages received by other mail clients or sends mails over SMTP.
X509Tools has an interface for external email clients - we are looking forward to integrate this to K9 etc.
For more information visit http://rundquadrat.at/x509tools
The application needs following permissions:
* Full Internet Access - required to send emails over SMTP
* Modify/Delete SD card content - required to access private keystore and write logs
* Read Email Attachments - required to read smime.p7m attachments if your are using K9 email client
* Read Contacts - required to suggest email addresses from your contacts if sending plain or signed
The application is split into two parts:
* The "Certificate Store" allows you to show the system certificate root store and manage your own personal store. In your personal store you can import keys (*.p12, *.pfx) and certificate (*.cer, *.crt, *.pem, *,p7s) of contacts you want to send encrypted mails to.
* The "S/MIME" part allows you to decrypt smime messages and send encrypted emails. Since this is not an email client use your preferred one and simply open the smime.p7m attachment to decrypt it with X509Tools (the application opens attachment with the mime-type "x-pkcs7-mime").
To provide this features we recompiled parts of bouncycastles crypto libraries and javamail for android, which lead to size of 1.3 MB.
Although the program is fully functional its still in development. So please help us to fix problems or add new features by sending request/bugreports to android@rundquadrat.at. A log file is written to /sdcard/x509tools/ to help us reproduce you issues. If you got decryption error please send us an equivalent encrypted mail (Cert: http://rundquadrat.at/selbitschka.crt) that we can debug this issue.
X509Tools概念提供S / MIME功能和X.509证书支持到Android的证明上创建。它支持S / MIME加密的附件(smime.p7m的)解密,并可以发送加密电子邮件(签署)。请注意,这是不是一个电子邮件客户端,APP其他邮件客户端收到的消息进行解​​密,或通过SMTP发送邮件。
X509Tools有一个接口的外部电子邮件客户端 - 我们期待着将这一K9等
*完全的互联网访问 - 通过SMTP发送电子邮件
*修改/删除SD卡内容 - 才能访问专用密钥和写日志
*阅读电子邮件附件 - 需要读smime.p7m的附件,如果您使用的是K9的电子邮件客户端。
*读取联系人 - 建议从您的联系人的电子邮件地址发送纯或签署
*“证书存储区”,允许您显示系统证书的根存储和管理自己的个人商店。在您的个人商店,你可以导入键(*。P12,*。PFX)和证书(*。CER,CRT,*。PEM,* P7S)的接触,你要发送加密邮件。
*“S / MIME”部分允许您解密SMIME消息,并发送加密的电子邮件。因为这不是一个电子邮件客户端使用您的首选之一,只需打开smime.p7m附件进行解密与X509Tools(应用程序打开附件的mime-type“X-PKCS7哑剧”)。
为了提供这种功能,我们为Android 1.3 MB大小,从而导致重新编译的部分bouncycastles加密库和JavaMail。
虽然该方案是全功能的,它仍然在开发中。所以,请帮助我们解决问题,或添加新功能,通过发送请求/臭虫回报android@rundquadrat.at。被写入到一个日志文件/ sdcard/x509tools /帮助我们重现你的问题。如果你有解密错误,请等效加密邮件(证书:http://rundquadrat.at/selbitschka.crt)发送给我们,我们就可以调试这个问题。

X509Tools 更新内容

* Bugfixes

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Android 2.1.x 以上
Google Play



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