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We've made online banking easier on your Android smartphone with less tapping, scrolling and waiting:
• 4 digit PIN Login gives you access to our most popular online banking features including account balances, transactions, and payments to Pay AnyBody recipients and BPAY® billers*.
• Bankwest Easy Alerts make banking easier with customisable push notifications. Receive alerts for important activities on your personal transaction and savings accounts including high and low balances, scheduled payments, account deposits and more. Limited alerts provided for some credit card transactions
• Search for your closest Bankwest store, Bankwest-branded ATM or Commonwealth ATM with our handy locator tool.
• Our quick links point you in the right direction for helpful advice and ways to get in touch, including the Bankwest Forum where you can participate in community discussions and ask questions.
• If you’re planning a trip overseas, the latest foreign exchange rates will be at your fingertips.
• Our handy calculators can help you work out home loan repayments, compare home loans, create a budget and much more.
• Enjoy enhanced security with our 'No Loss Security Guarantee'**.
We’re working on more great features for the Bankwest app, and value your feedback. So please continue to rate and review our app.
If you already have an account with Bankwest then all you need is your PAN (Personal Access Number) and secure code to get started.
If you’re having trouble logging in to the Bankwest App just visit the Bankwest website, your local store or call us on 1300 440 749.
Please note that normal data charges apply. Check with your mobile service provider for details.
*You must be registered for SMS code to set up PIN Login and make payments to new Pay AnyBody recipients or new BPAY billers.
** No Loss Security Guarantee is provided subject to you having complied with Bankwest’s Online Banking Product Disclosure Statement and neither you nor any authorised user on your behalf has contributed to the loss. For full details on ‘No Loss Security Guarantee’ refer to http://www.bankwest.com.au/security-centre/online-banking-security.
®Registered to BPAY Pty Ltd ABN 69 079 137 518
•4位数的PIN码登录,您可以访问我们最流行的网上银行功能,包括账户余额,交易和付款支付任何收件人和BPAY®billers *。
如果您无法登录到西澳银行应用程序只需访问西澳银行网站,你当地的商店或致电1300 440 749。
*您必须注册为短信代码来设置密码登录,并作出新的支付任何收件人或新BPAY billers付款。
®Registered到BPAY私人有限公司ABN 69 079 137 518

Bankwest 更新内容

We’re making banking easier.
For Bankwest Online Banking (BOB) customers using a smartphone:
- Security enhancements mean SMS Code is no longer required when using PIN Login
For Bankwest Online Banking (BOB) customers using a tablet:
- Log in with a 4 digit PIN Login
For all users:
- Your PAN is now available in the app settings
- Updated store and ATM locations
We’re working on more great features for the Bankwest App and value your feedback. Please continue to rate and review our app.

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